Guantanamo Boy Character Descriptions

Anna Perera
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This character is the protagonist of the novel. In the beginning of Guantanamo Boy, he is fifteen years old. With parents who immigrated to England from Pakistan and Turkey, he is a normal, assimilated teenager when the novel begins. He is abducted while visiting family in Pakistan and endures two years of torture before he is finally freed.


This is the protagonist's cousin who lives in Lahore, Pakistan, in the beginning of the novel. He is two years older than the protagonist, and they have formed their friendship online, discussing principally video games. Later, he is in the cell next to the protagonist at Guantanamo Bay.


This character is the protagonist's younger sister. In the beginning of the novel, she is six years old.


This is the protagonist's youngest sister. She is four years old in the beginning of the novel.


This character...

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