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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Aunt Sister's husband?

2. For what does Russell apply in hopes of going to college?

3. After he leaves for his Navy training, how long does it take for Russell to get homesick?

4. Why is Russell angry with Herb?

5. Whom does Lucy begin to date in 1939?

Short Essay Questions

1. How successful is Hal's lumber company?

2. Who is Mary Leslie?

3. After Belleville, where does the family move?

4. What part of adult life is Russell missing, according to his assessment of his friends?

5. How do Russell and George view Mimi?

6. How does Charlie Sussman help Russell go to college?

7. What does Lucy purchase for Russell as a mark of adolescence?

8. After failing one flight examination, how does Russell pass the next one with "Total Loss" Smith?

9. How does Russell remember Uncle Harold?

10. Why doesn't Lucy approve of Mimi?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Lucy's obsession with "a home of our own." Is this her ultimate goal? How does she work toward this goal? Choose three instances from the text to illustrate Lucy's desire for a home of their own. How does she finally achieve this goal? How does her achievement affect Russell's life?

Essay Topic 2

Part of growing up is testing boundaries. How does Russell begin to test his boundaries with Lucy? How old is he? How old is she? Even as a child, how much does Russell understand about being punished by Lucy? Why does she decide to punish him in such a way? Who is more upset by Russell's punishments--Russell or Lucy? Why does Russell refuse to cry? Use these leading questions to create a profile of young Russell, battling against Lucy's determination that he will make something of himself.

Essay Topic 3

Examine Russell's relationship with Mimi. How did the two meet? When does Russell fall in love with her? Is he clear about when she falls in love with him? What is the central problem in their relationship? Discuss both sides of the "marriage argument:" why won't Russell marry her? How much influence does Lucy have over his opinions about marriage? What is the end result?

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