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Short Answer Questions

1. What orphanage was Mimi raised in?

2. After talking about the expense of college, what does Herb offer to do for Russell?

3. What does Russell do the weekend before his reexamination?

4. What is the first Civil Rights movement Russell sees in his life?

5. To what activity does everyone compare piloting a plane?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Russell and Lucy's letters back and forth about?

2. What school accepts Russell?

3. Who is Mary Leslie?

4. What is the first Civil Rights demonstration Russell sees in his life?

5. What is odd about the family's new Baltimore home?

6. After Doris meets Audrey, what does Uncle Harold do for her?

7. What is Russell's writing success in Mr. Fleagle's class?

8. What class at school is torture for Russell, and why?

9. What part of adult life is Russell missing, according to his assessment of his friends?

10. What news prompts Lucy to send Russell out right away to sell his papers in 1939?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Russell talks of rough-and-tumble fights, both in Belleville and in Baltimore. What is the difference between the two places? How does Russell fight off bullies in Belleville? How does Russell fight off bullies in Baltimore? Does Russell enjoy fighting or not? What does he learn from both Walter and Pete?

Essay Topic 2

For most of Russell's life, Lucy has been his ultimate teacher. What happened to their relationship when he begins to surpass her education? Examine the subtleties between mother and son, including the Latin translation incident. What is young Russell trying to prove to his mother? Does Lucy recognize Russell's behavior? Explain your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Examine Lucy's letters to and from Oluf. Though Russell did not discover these letters until later in life, they represent an important part of Lucy's history. Go through each letter provided in the text and make a chronicle of the relationship between Lucy and Oluf--what would such a relationship have meant to her? Why must the two break off the romance? Does young Russell notice anything amiss in their day to day life? Be sure to cite quotations from the text.

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