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Short Answer Questions

1. Who offers Lucy Elizabeth a home until she can get back on her feet?

2. What is the only area of education that Lucy Elizabeth does not teach Russell?

3. What skill does Lucy Elizabeth surprise Russell with just before leaving for Baltimore?

4. What superstitions does Ida Rebecca believe, but Lucy Elizabeth does not?

5. From what ailment does Russell's father suffer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Russell's memories of the women's work in Morrisonville?

2. What is Russell's earliest memory?

3. What is "powwowing"?

4. Where has Russell and his family gone to celebrate the hog-butchering season?

5. What has happened to Russell's mother?

6. Who is Aunt Pat and why is Russell fond of her?

7. Why don't Hal and Charlie get along?

8. How does Lucy Elizabeth meet Benjamin?

9. How does Russell learn about the birds and the bees?

10. Why has Uncle Charlie chosen never to leave the house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Part of growing up is testing boundaries. How does Russell begin to test his boundaries with Lucy? How old is he? How old is she? Even as a child, how much does Russell understand about being punished by Lucy? Why does she decide to punish him in such a way? Who is more upset by Russell's punishments--Russell or Lucy? Why does Russell refuse to cry? Use these leading questions to create a profile of young Russell, battling against Lucy's determination that he will make something of himself.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the juxtaposition between Russell and Lucy's letters while he is based in Pensacola.

1) What do the two talk about in the letters?

2) What world events are taking place around them?

3) What is Russell's main focus at this time?

Essay Topic 3

Russell talks of rough-and-tumble fights, both in Belleville and in Baltimore. What is the difference between the two places? How does Russell fight off bullies in Belleville? How does Russell fight off bullies in Baltimore? Does Russell enjoy fighting or not? What does he learn from both Walter and Pete?

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