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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many children did Ida Rebecca have?
(a) Five, three girls and two boys.
(b) Ten, five boys and five girls.
(c) Fifteen, ten boys and five girls.
(d) Thirteen, twelve boys and one girl.

2. What did Russell's mother insist he would do?
(a) Make something of himself.
(b) Get a job as a salesman.
(c) Live in New York City.
(d) Marry an heiress.

3. For what endeavor does Hal attempt to get financial support from Lucy Elizabeth?
(a) His lumber company.
(b) His law practice.
(c) His medical license.
(d) His laundry scheme.

4. Who was the person with whom Lucy Elizabeth corresponded in Newark?
(a) Oluf.
(b) Aunt Goldie.
(c) Ida Rebecca.
(d) Uncle Tom.

5. What happens to Benjamin after he has been drinking?
(a) He becomes violently ill.
(b) He loses his short term memory.
(c) He sleeps for days.
(d) He always gets lost.

Short Answer Questions

1. How longs does Lucy Elizabeth intend to live with Uncle Allen?

2. Why has Oluf left Newark?

3. Despite the medicine, what ailment do Russell and Doris contract?

4. Where are Russell and his family going for their first family trip?

5. What specter does Ida Rebecca see in her doorway one night?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Lucy Elizabeth's greatest wish for Russell, and how does she help him strive for his goals?

2. When does Russell decide to become a writer?

3. What remedy does Aunt Pat insist is good for the children, but they find disgusting?

4. Who is Oluf?

5. What is ironic about Russell's first appearance in print?

6. What ghost did Ida Rebecca once claim to see?

7. Where does the family move after Morrisonville?

8. How does Lucy Elizabeth meet Benjamin?

9. How does Russell learn about the birds and the bees?

10. How does Lucy punish Russell when he misbehaves?

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