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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Russell's English teacher in his third year of high school?
(a) Mr. Martin.
(b) Mr. Jones.
(c) Mr. Simmons.
(d) Mr. Fleagle.

2. How does Lucy mark Russell's transition into adolescence?
(a) She throws a dinner party.
(b) She buys him a cap.
(c) She purchases long pants for him.
(d) She makes a large mark on the height chart.

3. Where does Harold tell Russell he was shot during World War I?
(a) Between the eyes.
(b) In the armpit.
(c) Between his heart and lung.
(d) In the knee.

4. What high school group rejects Russell, despite his good grades?
(a) The Honor Society.
(b) The Latin Club.
(c) The Glee Club.
(d) The Yearbook Committee.

5. What is strange about Russell and Lucy's letters to one another?
(a) They contain no hints of the turbulent time period.
(b) They are in Latin.
(c) They make no mention of schooling.
(d) They are written with ink instead of pencil.

6. After talking about the expense of college, what does Herb offer to do for Russell?
(a) He offers to get him a job in another grocery.
(b) He offers to get him a job at the railroad.
(c) He offers to pay half the college tuition.
(d) He offers to pay his way through college.

7. What class in school does Russell hate the most?
(a) Swimming class.
(b) History class.
(c) English class.
(d) Latin class.

8. What A+ essay has Russell written?
(a) The History of Baltimore Abridged.
(b) The Way to Tie a Shoe.
(c) The Sound and the Fury.
(d) The Art of Eating Spaghetti.

9. What color is Russell's new suit?
(a) It is black with black buttons.
(b) It is gray with white stripes.
(c) It is red with purple buttons.
(d) It is green with gray stripes.

10. What does Lucy say upon Russell's acceptance to college?
(a) Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!
(b) She always knew he could do it.
(c) She wants him to make something of himself.
(d) She wants him to work for the railroad.

11. With whom has Doris sometimes stayed during the summers?
(a) With Aunt Sister and Uncle Harold.
(b) WIth Ida Rebecca.
(c) With Uncle Miller and Aunt Edmonia.
(d) With Aunt Goldie and Uncle Tom.

12. What hero of Russell's does Harold dislike?
(a) Uncle Charlie.
(b) Dick Tracy.
(c) Roosevelt.
(d) Moe Simon.

13. For what does Russell apply in hopes of going to college?
(a) Loans.
(b) Scholarship.
(c) Jobs.
(d) The army.

14. What does Russell do the weekend before his reexamination?
(a) He proposes to Karen.
(b) He quits the Navy.
(c) He goes on a bender with his friends.
(d) He shuts himself in his room to study.

15. What Christmas present does Russell accidentally discover?
(a) He discovers a doll for Doris.
(b) He discovers a puppy.
(c) He discovers a new bike.
(d) He discovers a tin train.

Short Answer Questions

1. One morning during his paper route, what terrifying story does Russell read?

2. What worries Russell about working in the grocery or on the railroad?

3. After his hangover subsides, how does Russell feel?

4. What does Lucy call his new love?

5. What does Russell plan to do when he sees the present on Christmas?

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