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Morrisonville, Virginia

Russell is born in this place, where his mother and father live across from Russell's matriarchal grandmother, Ida Rebecca.

Brunswick, Virginia

This place is the largest town near where Russell spends his youngest years.

Newark, New Jersey

Russell moves to this urban place after his father's death to live with his Uncle Allen.

Belleville, New Jersey

This place is a suburban town where Russell moves with his family and his Uncle Allen and Aunt Pat during the Great Depression.

The Saturday Evening Post

Lucy gets Russell a job selling these when he is a young boy in Belleville.

The Walnut Boards

When Uncle Hal arrives at Uncle Allen's house, he brings these with him.

Baltimore, Maryland

Lucy moves to this place with Russell and Doris to have a place of their own.

City College

This place is where Russell takes an advanced course of study that...

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