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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 and 2)


In this lesson, examine chapter one. The author is dealing with his senile mother, realizing how fragile the balance is between parent and child. He regrets now that he never asked his mother about the past, and she is too far gone in her own memories to tell him. By the same token, she is happier living in her memories than she has been in reality for many years.


1) Class Discussion: What characters does chapter one introduce? What is wrong with Russell's mother? How does her illness present itself? What is Russell's take on the situation?

2) In-class Writing: Think about the relationship between parent and child. How do you think that relationship changes over the years? How does Russell feel it has changed for him? Do you feel you have a changing relationship with your parents? Why or why not?

3) Small Group Discussion: At first...

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