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Essay Topic 1

In Chapters 1 and 2, Russell questions the disconnect between parents and children by comparing his children to himself as a child.

1) Do you think such a disconnect exists? Why or why not?

2) Explain your answer using examples from the text.

3) What did Russell learn about his parents later in life? How could the new information help inform his writing process?

Essay Topic 2

Reexamine Chapter 3. Lucy comes of age in a turbulent time. Between what two personal and political ideas is she torn? How does this split manifest itself in her life, according to Russell's account? Provide at least three examples from the text. How has her upbringing contributed to these views?

Essay Topic 3

Examine Lucy's letters to and from Oluf. Though Russell did not discover these letters until later in life, they represent an important part of Lucy's history. Go through each letter provided in the text...

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