Growing Up Character Descriptions

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Russell Baker

This character chronicles his own life in the autobiographical memoir Growing Up, and he also chronicles his mother's life, as he knows it.

Lucy Baker

This character is Russell's mother.


This character becomes frustrated with Russell when he continually says marriage is "not in the cards."


This character is two years younger than Russell and she has gumption, something his mother always tells Russell that he lacks.


This character is Lucy's ideal of gentle manhood.

Ep Ahalt

This character is the farmer who Lucy boards with while she's working as a teacher, when she meets her future husband Benny.

Benny Baker

This character is Russell's father.

Ida Rebecca

This character is Benny Baker's mother, the matriarch of their family.


This character is adopted by her aunt and uncle.

Sam Reaver

This character is a bootleg whiskey maker in Morrisonville, Virginia.

Uncle Harvey

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