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Chapters 1 and 2

• Russell's mother is in the hospital after taking a bad fall.

• Lucy is senile and lives in her memories.

• Though at first he tries to argue his mother back into reality, he realizes she is happy living in her memories.

• Russell regrets that parents and children have little opportunity to understand each other.
• Lucy decides Russell will make something of himself when he is eight years old.

• Russell begins working for the Curtis Publishing Company.

• The family lives with Allen, a traveling soft-drink salesman.

• Russell is a poor salesman but decides to become a writer.

Chapter 3

• Lucy is conflicted between feminist ideals and the desire to be treated like a lady.

• Papa is Lucy's epitome of a gentleman.

• When Papa dies, she drops out of college and takes teaching jobs.
• Lucy meets Benny while teaching in Loudon County.

• There is a bootleg whiskey operation near the...

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