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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the dragon live?
(a) A nest in the forest.
(b) In an abandoned hall.
(c) A cave in the mountains.
(d) Beneath the lake.

2. What does Grendel find in the woods while circling the hall in Chapter 4?
(a) A pile of treasure.
(b) Garbage.
(c) A dead man.
(d) A store of weapons.

3. Who leaves Hrothgar's hall unimpressed by the blind man's words in Chapter 3?
(a) Hrothulf.
(b) The old Shaper.
(c) Unferth.
(d) Hrothgar.

4. What do the village children make in the snow in Chapter 9?
(a) Fires.
(b) Forts.
(c) Snowmen.
(d) Snow angels.

5. What language do the men speak in Chapter 2?
(a) The same as Grendel.
(b) German.
(c) French.
(d) Dutch.

Short Answer Questions

1. The giant is described as having the strength of how many men, according to the narrative in Chapter 10?

2. What invades Grendel's mere in Chapter 10?

3. In Chapter 7, what happens to the bear?

4. In what year of Grendel's wars does Hrothgar's power begin to fail?

5. Who are the two speakers of poetry in Chapter 8?

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