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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 7, Grendel counts his blessings but they are all numbered how?
(a) One
(b) One through five
(c) Zero
(d) One through four

2. What does Grendel do to Hrothgar's guard?
(a) Takes him back to his mother
(b) Bites his head off
(c) Tears his arms off
(d) Throws him off a cliff

3. What does Hrothgar throw at Grendel?
(a) A spear
(b) A shield
(c) A knife
(d) A battle-ax

4. What does Grendel see for the first time the night he hangs in the tree?
(a) A bear
(b) The gods
(c) His mother hunting
(d) Men

5. What sickens Grendel about the battles?
(a) That the women aren't killed also
(b) The smell of blood
(c) Not being able to participate
(d) The waste of dead animals and men

Short Answer Questions

1. How long are the dragon's talons?

2. In Chapter 6, what does Unferth say he will do since Grendel refuse to kill him?

3. What animal is the speaker shooing away?

4. Why does the bull attack Grendel?

5. In Chapter 11, what does Hrothgar call the lead stranger that upsets several people in the hall?

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