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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the men treat Grendel when he brings the corpse to them?
(a) They do not see him
(b) They attack him
(c) They welcome him
(d) They thank him

2. Who is Hygmod's sister?
(a) Freya
(b) Wealtheow
(c) Freawaru
(d) Idun

3. Where does the sunken door lead to?
(a) Into Hrothgar's hall
(b) The dragon's lair
(c) A treasure cave
(d) The outside

4. Who comes to finally help Grendel?
(a) His mother
(b) The Dragon
(c) The shaper
(d) Hrothgar

5. Why does the bull attack Grendel?
(a) All animals hate Grendel
(b) It is hungry
(c) Grendel tried to kill it
(d) Its calf is close by

Short Answer Questions

1. Grendel compares talking to what?

2. Where does Grendel sit to watch the mens' activities?

3. Why does the dragon tell Grendel to stand off to the side?

4. Where does Grendel go at the end of Chapter Four?

5. What is the name of Hrothulf's old companion?

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