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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Grendel avoid the bull?
(a) By killing it
(b) By twisting from the horn
(c) His mother helps him
(d) By capturing the bull

2. Who is the thane who boldly opposes Grendel?
(a) Ecgtheow
(b) Unferth
(c) Hrothulf
(d) Beowulf

3. In Chapter 10, What does Hengest take from Finn?
(a) His boats
(b) His queen and his treasure
(c) His bear
(d) His weapons

4. In Chapter 10, why does Hengest kill Finn?
(a) Finn attacks him first
(b) Power of revenge
(c) Hengest kills Finn's father
(d) Boredom

5. In Chapter 7, Grendel counts his blessings but they are all numbered how?
(a) One through five
(b) Zero
(c) One
(d) One through four

Short Answer Questions

1. Who leaves Hrothgar's hall unimpressed by the blind man's words?

2. What does Grendel do with the corpse?

3. What is the downside of Grendel's new power?

4. What did Hrothgar build on his hill out of stone?

5. What does Grendel consider the ultimate act of nihilism?

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