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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What time of year is it when Grendel begins his war with Hrothgar?
(a) Fall
(b) Winter
(c) Spring
(d) Summer

2. Who leaves Hrothgar's hall unimpressed by the blind man's words?
(a) Hrothulf
(b) Hrothgar
(c) Unferth
(d) The old Shaper

3. What does Grendel call the words of the blind man?
(a) Lies
(b) Poetry
(c) Beautiful songs
(d) Truth

4. What do the village children make in the snow?
(a) Snow angels
(b) Snowmen
(c) Fires
(d) Forts

5. In Chapter 9, what does Grendel do to the priests?
(a) Takes them back to their hut
(b) Eats them
(c) Nothing
(d) Hangs them in trees

Short Answer Questions

1. What sickens Grendel about the battles?

2. Where does Grendel sit to watch the mens' activities?

3. What ominous feeling does Grendel have?

4. How many tribes does Hrothgar make treaties with?

5. What do the people sacrifice to the god statues?

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