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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do they not shoot the enormous manamouki kudu they find?
(a) It has not yet grown into a doumi.
(b) It is too big for them to kill.
(c) They cannot keep up with it.
(d) It is actually a cow.

2. What does Hemingway's tribe do with oryx horns?
(a) Gives them to their wealthiest friends.
(b) Sells them to the highest bidder.
(c) Trades them for supplies.
(d) Gives them to the local charity.

3. What denotes extreme emotion in the Masai handshake?
(a) The pulling of the index finger.
(b) The pulling of the pinkie finger.
(c) The pulling of the thumb.
(d) The pulling of the middle finger.

4. Which name does the hunting party find irritating?
(a) B'wana Fisi.
(b) B'wana Simba.
(c) B'wana Doktor.
(d) Mama Tziggi.

5. What gift does the tallest Masai runner give them?
(a) A white rabbit.
(b) A lock of red-stained hair.
(c) A leather pouch filled with water.
(d) A feathered spear.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Hemingway compare this new country to?

2. Why do M'Cola and Hemingway decide to turn back?

3. Why do they believe the lousy old man has sighted kudu?

4. What does Hemingway solemnly look at each morning?

5. What is an askari?

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