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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hemingway's lucky shot do to the oryx?
(a) Snapped its neck.
(b) Went right between its eyes.
(c) Killed the animal instantly.
(d) Broke its leg.

2. What does a principal Somali cattle buyer carry?
(a) A Tyrolese hat.
(b) Spears decorated with feathers.
(c) An umbrella.
(d) An orchard bush.

3. What do you have to take your shirt off to kill?
(a) A tsetse fly.
(b) A Spanish camel fly.
(c) An African mosquito.
(d) Bull elk.

4. Why do animals on a plain feed differently from those in the woods?
(a) They can see further.
(b) Food is more abundant in the woods.
(c) It is easier to hide in the woods.
(d) They cannot find shelter on a plain.

5. What does Hemingway believe has scared away the kudu?
(a) American women.
(b) The bad weather.
(c) The Austrian's lorry.
(d) A shenzi.

6. Why does Hemingway initially not watch M'cola skin the larger bull?
(a) He is trying to set up the camera quickly before the sun sets.
(b) The sight of blood makes him ill.
(c) He wants to remember the bull as he first saw him.
(d) M'cola is very rough when skinning.

7. Why is the warthog so exciting?
(a) They have never seen one before.
(b) The tusks are extremely large.
(c) It runs from them with great speed.
(d) It does not run from them.

8. When does Hemingway's tribe always shoot twice?
(a) The morning.
(b) Late in the evening.
(c) At lunch time.
(d) Early afternoon.

9. Why might the animals be aware of the hunting party?
(a) M'cola accidentally lets off his gun.
(b) The breeze is scattering their scent.
(c) An absence of shelter for them to hide under.
(d) Light coming from their torchlight.

10. What is a panga?
(a) A beaver dam.
(b) A wet track.
(c) A double-bitted axe.
(d) A long knife to cut brush with.

11. What is the most obvious difference between male and female sable?
(a) Only the male has horns.
(b) They are different colors.
(c) Females have stripes.
(d) The male is a lot larger.

12. Why do they not shoot the flock of fine guineas?
(a) They resolve to only shoot kudu.
(b) To save ammunition.
(c) Garrick pleads with them not to.
(d) They have already shot plenty of guinea.

13. What makes Hemingway anxious to hunt with only one hour of light left?
(a) The Roman thinks that there will be rain the next day.
(b) Garrick recommends it.
(c) He is scared of catching a disease at camp.
(d) The last hour can be the best hour.

14. Where does Hemingway compare this new country to?
(a) Barcelona in Spain.
(b) Babati in Kenya.
(c) Mount Kenya.
(d) Aragon in Spain.

15. What did Karl find on his rhino carcass the next morning?
(a) A swarm of Tsetse flies.
(b) Rose-coloured flamingoes.
(c) A huge lion.
(d) A marvellous leopard.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Hemingway hand the Springfield to M'cola?

2. Who writes the best Safari book?

3. What gift does the tallest Masai runner give them?

4. Where on the first kudu is there a white chevron?

5. Why are the elephant down south so big?

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