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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do they not shoot the enormous manamouki kudu they find?
(a) They cannot keep up with it.
(b) It is actually a cow.
(c) It is too big for them to kill.
(d) It has not yet grown into a doumi.

2. What gift does the tallest Masai runner give them?
(a) A white rabbit.
(b) A leather pouch filled with water.
(c) A feathered spear.
(d) A lock of red-stained hair.

3. Why was Karl becoming so unhappy?
(a) He missed his shot on the roan antelope.
(b) The hunting party had forced him to go hunting for meat.
(c) He could not find any kudu bull to shoot.
(d) Hemingway was stealing his kudu bull.

4. What is the first animal they see in this country?
(a) A group of Grant's gazelles.
(b) Herds of Kudu cows.
(c) A flock of guinea fowl.
(d) Poor looking zebra.

5. How does Hemingway hand the Springfield to M'cola?
(a) He gives it to him boltless.
(b) It is thrown to him.
(c) With the safety off.
(d) Loaded with a round still in the chamber.

6. What did Karl find on his rhino carcass the next morning?
(a) A swarm of Tsetse flies.
(b) A huge lion.
(c) A marvellous leopard.
(d) Rose-coloured flamingoes.

7. What is a shenzi?
(a) A wild man.
(b) The hottest part of the day.
(c) A bad salt lick.
(d) The command to shut someone up.

8. Why do M'Cola and Hemingway decide to turn back?
(a) They have run out of ammunition.
(b) Hemingway cannot call the shot.
(c) It is getting too dark.
(d) They are worried about the P.O.M.

9. The oryx are similar to what other animal?
(a) Swahili reed buck.
(b) Kalahari antelope.
(c) Masai donkeys.
(d) Grant's gazelles.

10. What is best to do in the morning before the sun comes out?
(a) Hunt sable.
(b) Drink whiskey.
(c) Drink chai tea.
(d) Hunt kudu bull.

11. What is a Kidogo?
(a) A female kudu.
(b) The perfect one shot kill.
(c) A great kudu bull.
(d) The trail of blood left by a wounded animal.

12. What do you have to take your shirt off to kill?
(a) A Spanish camel fly.
(b) Bull elk.
(c) A tsetse fly.
(d) An African mosquito.

13. Why do animals on a plain feed differently from those in the woods?
(a) Food is more abundant in the woods.
(b) They can see further.
(c) It is easier to hide in the woods.
(d) They cannot find shelter on a plain.

14. Why do they believe the lousy old man has sighted kudu?
(a) He looks very reputable.
(b) He tells it very straight.
(c) They are drunk.
(d) Natives never lie.

15. What does Hemingway solemnly look at each morning?
(a) The rising sun.
(b) His own reflection.
(c) The Southern Cross.
(d) His wife's face.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Dan at Kibaya?

2. Which tracker would Hemingway like to shoot in the behind?

3. What are the finest birds to eat?

4. Why is the warthog so exciting?

5. Where is the new country they head to in search of unsophisticated kudu?

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