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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Hemingway anxious to hunt with only one hour of light left?
(a) He is scared of catching a disease at camp.
(b) The last hour can be the best hour.
(c) The Roman thinks that there will be rain the next day.
(d) Garrick recommends it.

2. What impresses the Roman most about Hemingway's drinking?
(a) He can drink a litre bottle of beer without using his hands.
(b) He drinks the most beer the Roman has ever seen.
(c) He has remarkable restraint.
(d) He can drink without swallowing.

3. Why do they not shoot the enormous manamouki kudu they find?
(a) It is too big for them to kill.
(b) It is actually a cow.
(c) They cannot keep up with it.
(d) It has not yet grown into a doumi.

4. What did Mama not know about Pop?
(a) He writes.
(b) He has traveled to Alaska.
(c) He once lived in Nairobi.
(d) He is actually English.

5. What is the only difference between Galicia and Handeni?
(a) The limestone outcropping.
(b) The famine.
(c) The buildings.
(d) The camel flies.

6. Why do they not shoot the flock of fine guineas?
(a) They resolve to only shoot kudu.
(b) To save ammunition.
(c) They have already shot plenty of guinea.
(d) Garrick pleads with them not to.

7. What will Karl always beat Hemingway at?
(a) Impala hunting.
(b) Catching birds.
(c) Bushbuck hunting.
(d) Where there is luck involved.

8. Why are the elephant down south so big?
(a) The region is an elephant sanctuary.
(b) They are too hard to hunt.
(c) Only big elephants migrate there.
(d) Food is more plentiful.

9. What gift does the tallest Masai runner give them?
(a) A lock of red-stained hair.
(b) A white rabbit.
(c) A feathered spear.
(d) A leather pouch filled with water.

10. What is a Kidogo?
(a) A great kudu bull.
(b) The trail of blood left by a wounded animal.
(c) A female kudu.
(d) The perfect one shot kill.

11. What is Hemingway's Valhalla?
(a) The harsh hunting country of Tarahalla.
(b) Sable.
(c) A wet salt lick.
(d) Fear that he will not find kudu.

12. Who rows with Hemingway while hunting zebra?
(a) M'Cola.
(b) Mama.
(c) Pop.
(d) Karl.

13. What is the most obvious difference between male and female sable?
(a) Females have stripes.
(b) Only the male has horns.
(c) They are different colors.
(d) The male is a lot larger.

14. What have you got to be careful of when hunting sable bull?
(a) Nothing at all, they are just like kudu.
(b) Watch out for him charging you.
(c) Where you shoot him.
(d) How you walk up to him.

15. What is beautiful for a while but then goes bad?
(a) A French riot.
(b) Smoking a cuban cigar.
(c) A revolution.
(d) Marriage to a Turkish wife.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which name does the hunting party find irritating?

2. Why does Hemingway initially not watch M'cola skin the larger bull?

3. Where is the first camp they had in Africa located?

4. Who is the tragedian of the party?

5. What does P.O.M. get the men to talk about?

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