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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What denotes extreme emotion in the Masai handshake?
(a) The pulling of the middle finger.
(b) The pulling of the index finger.
(c) The pulling of the pinkie finger.
(d) The pulling of the thumb.

2. Where was the last time they had ducks?
(a) At the first camp.
(b) The Serengeti.
(c) In Droopy's country.
(d) Kenya.

3. Why do they not shoot the flock of fine guineas?
(a) They have already shot plenty of guinea.
(b) They resolve to only shoot kudu.
(c) To save ammunition.
(d) Garrick pleads with them not to.

4. What does Hemingway's tribe do with oryx horns?
(a) Trades them for supplies.
(b) Gives them to the local charity.
(c) Sells them to the highest bidder.
(d) Gives them to their wealthiest friends.

5. What do you have to take your shirt off to kill?
(a) Bull elk.
(b) An African mosquito.
(c) A tsetse fly.
(d) A Spanish camel fly.

6. Who is the tragedian of the party?
(a) Molo.
(b) Karl.
(c) Garrick.
(d) Abdullah the tracker.

7. Who rows with Hemingway while hunting zebra?
(a) Mama.
(b) Karl.
(c) Pop.
(d) M'Cola.

8. Why might the animals be aware of the hunting party?
(a) M'cola accidentally lets off his gun.
(b) An absence of shelter for them to hide under.
(c) Light coming from their torchlight.
(d) The breeze is scattering their scent.

9. How does the larger kudu bull killed by Hemingway compare to Karl's?
(a) Smaller but a more beautiful specimen.
(b) The same size.
(c) Thrice as big.
(d) Twice as big.

10. Which town is like a German garrison?
(a) Cairo Cape.
(b) Kandoa-Irangi.
(c) Pan-Yan.
(d) Steppes Masai.

11. What is the only difference between Galicia and Handeni?
(a) The limestone outcropping.
(b) The camel flies.
(c) The famine.
(d) The buildings.

12. What are the finest birds to eat?
(a) Teal.
(b) Dark ibis.
(c) Guinea hen.
(d) Rose-coloured flamingo.

13. Why do they send Karl down to sable country?
(a) He is the first to shoot a kudu.
(b) His kudu is ugly.
(c) There are no kudu left.
(d) The hunting party find him annoying.

14. Why was Karl becoming so unhappy?
(a) The hunting party had forced him to go hunting for meat.
(b) Hemingway was stealing his kudu bull.
(c) He missed his shot on the roan antelope.
(d) He could not find any kudu bull to shoot.

15. What did Karl find on his rhino carcass the next morning?
(a) A huge lion.
(b) Rose-coloured flamingoes.
(c) A marvellous leopard.
(d) A swarm of Tsetse flies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a shenzi?

2. Why does Hemingway begin shooting the snipe?

3. What does the first kudu bull that Hemingway kills smell like?

4. What headdress does Garrick wear to the annoyance of Hemingway?

5. What happened to Dan at Kibaya?

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