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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is the warthog so exciting?
(a) The tusks are extremely large.
(b) They have never seen one before.
(c) It does not run from them.
(d) It runs from them with great speed.

2. What is beautiful for a while but then goes bad?
(a) A French riot.
(b) A revolution.
(c) Marriage to a Turkish wife.
(d) Smoking a cuban cigar.

3. Which animal moves like a rocking-horse?
(a) An oryx.
(b) A kongoni.
(c) An eland.
(d) A zebra.

4. What does a principal Somali cattle buyer carry?
(a) An umbrella.
(b) Spears decorated with feathers.
(c) A Tyrolese hat.
(d) An orchard bush.

5. What is the issue they have with Karl's first kudu bull?
(a) It is not big enough.
(b) He takes too many shots to kill it.
(c) He won't let them take pictures of it.
(d) It is not attractive.

6. Where is the first camp they had in Africa located?
(a) Maji-Moto.
(b) Lake Manyara.
(c) Kalal.
(d) M'utu-Umbu.

7. Why does Hemingway instruct Kamau to drive faster?
(a) He is annoyed by the presence of the Masai.
(b) They are rushed and out of time.
(c) He enjoys the thrill of riding in a fast car.
(d) To save the Masai from humiliation.

8. Why do they send Karl down to sable country?
(a) His kudu is ugly.
(b) The hunting party find him annoying.
(c) There are no kudu left.
(d) He is the first to shoot a kudu.

9. Who is as accurate as an historian?
(a) A garbage picker.
(b) Columbus.
(c) A well-inflated dog.
(d) A history student.

10. Why is Hemingway so against making camp where The Roman suggests?
(a) There is no fence to protect them.
(b) He doesn't trust The Roman.
(c) The area if full of chickens.
(d) He is scared of bugs.

11. What does Hemingway believe has scared away the kudu?
(a) American women.
(b) The Austrian's lorry.
(c) The bad weather.
(d) A shenzi.

12. Where does Hemingway compare this new country to?
(a) Mount Kenya.
(b) Barcelona in Spain.
(c) Aragon in Spain.
(d) Babati in Kenya.

13. What is Hemingway's Valhalla?
(a) The harsh hunting country of Tarahalla.
(b) Sable.
(c) Fear that he will not find kudu.
(d) A wet salt lick.

14. What will Karl always beat Hemingway at?
(a) Bushbuck hunting.
(b) Catching birds.
(c) Impala hunting.
(d) Where there is luck involved.

15. What is the most obvious difference between male and female sable?
(a) Only the male has horns.
(b) The male is a lot larger.
(c) Females have stripes.
(d) They are different colors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do they believe the lousy old man has sighted kudu?

2. What is the first animal they see in this country?

3. What did Hemingway's lucky shot do to the oryx?

4. Why do M'Cola and Hemingway decide to turn back?

5. What is the only difference between Galicia and Handeni?

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