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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the driver for Hemingway and his hunting party?
(a) Abdullah.
(b) Hemingway.
(c) M'Cola.
(d) Kamau.

2. What does it mean when a tracker says Kufa?
(a) Dead.
(b) Alive.
(c) The shot missed.
(d) Wounded.

3. What does M'Cola think is the funniest joke of them all?
(a) Shooting a hyena.
(b) Eating a hyena.
(c) Shooting a guinea.
(d) Eating a guinea.

4. How is Pop able to shoot elephants in high grass?
(a) He can smell where they are.
(b) By climbing onto a person's shoulders.
(c) He shoots into the grass randomly.
(d) He sets fire to the grass and scares them out.

5. Who can shoot after you cannot see?
(a) The M'Cola.
(b) The Bwana.
(c) The Abdullah.
(d) The Wanderobo.

6. Who was the only person happy for Karl?
(a) Karl himself.
(b) Dan.
(c) The skinner.
(d) M'Cola.

7. Why are Spanish shooting boots unsuitable for climbing down steep hills?
(a) The sole is too thin making them uncomfortable.
(b) The heel is weak and cracks easily.
(c) They are made of soft hide that tears.
(d) They are too short in the toe.

8. Why is Pop unsure whether or not Hemingway has shot the rhino?
(a) The rhino was too fast.
(b) It was a very long shot.
(c) He think's that Mama made the shot.
(d) Hemingway is a bad shot.

9. What is it that Hemingway thinks makes him unhappy?
(a) Being in the Prado.
(b) When he thinks of other people.
(c) Doing nothing for other people.
(d) That he has been very lucky.

10. What gives away the exact position of the rhino?
(a) Tick birds flying from the spot.
(b) A trail of blood on the high grass.
(c) The noise the rhino makes in its death throws.
(d) The sound of the rhino stamping its feet.

11. Where would you go for big rhino?
(a) The Rift Valley.
(b) Handeni country.
(c) Mount Kenya.
(d) Lake Manyara.

12. Who is described as having thin Chinese hairs at the corners of his mouth?
(a) Kamau.
(b) M'Cola.
(c) Abdullah.
(d) Hemingway.

13. What does Hemingway's wife think Von Lettow is bitter about?
(a) The Aga Khan.
(b) The natives.
(c) The East Indians.
(d) American women.

14. What does Hemingway believe scares away the greater kudu bulls and ruins the first hunt?
(a) The coming of the dusk.
(b) A lesser kudu bull.
(c) The motor-lorry.
(d) Their car waiting down the road.

15. Why did they not attack the Rhino on first sight?
(a) The path to the Rhino was too wet and slippery.
(b) A herd of buffalo was blocking their path.
(c) It was too dark to reach the Rhino in time for a shot.
(d) There were too many Rhino to aim at.

Short Answer Questions

1. What task is Karl given to make him feel better?

2. Whose gun can Droopy not shoot?

3. What does Hemingway say is more difficult than poetry?

4. What type of gun is Pop carrying?

5. What shape are a Kudu Bull's tracks?

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