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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why can the hunting party not get above ridges of hills as they hunt the rhino?
(a) The easterly wind will blow their scent on ahead and warn the rhino.
(b) The westerly wind is blowing dust preventing them from seeing the rhino.
(c) The vantage point from the hills is too low.
(d) The rhino will spot them if they climb any higher.

2. Why is Hemingway's hunting party finding it hard to feel happy for Karl's rhino?
(a) Their rhino was killed with much more skill.
(b) His rhino was found just outside the camp.
(c) His fine rhino makes theirs look ridiculous.
(d) They don't like how much he is gloating.

3. What was Hemingway aiming for when he shot the reedbuck?
(a) In between its eyes.
(b) The center of its shoulder.
(c) The centre of its chest.
(d) The base of its skull.

4. What does Hemingway tell the hunting party every night?
(a) That he hates riding in cars.
(b) That he is a fine bird shot.
(c) That he loves getting drunk.
(d) That he is an awful tracker.

5. Which gun does Hemingway try to shoot the buffalo with?
(a) His heavy 470.
(b) The P.O.M.'s rifle.
(c) The Springfield.
(d) The Mannlicher.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does M'Cola think is the funniest joke of them all?

2. What drink is the finest one there is?

3. What does Pop tell Hemingway to also shoot?

4. Who was the only person happy for Karl?

5. What is it that confirms that Hemingway successfully shot the rhino?

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