Green Hills of Africa Character Descriptions

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The Author (Ernest Hemingway)

This character comes across as competitive, hard-drinking, and occasionally condescending, arrogant, self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and self-righteous.


This character is moody, sensitive, emotionally restrained, sometimes obsessive but generous of spirit.

While this character's emotions are apparent, they are restrained and low-key.

Hemingway's Wife

Loving and supportive, this character is a bit of a worrier, and somewhat obsessed with the comfort of his/her feet.

Colonel Phillips (Pop)

This character is unaffected by the tempers of others, while also being protective and is wise in the ways of guides, animals, and hunters.


This character is past his prime as a hunter/tracker and while not a particularly good interpreter, he is an excellent guide.


He is quiet and reliable, a man deep in reverent, and active, expressions of his Muslim faith.


This character is physically beautiful and a good tracker, with ornamental/ritual...

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