Green Darkness Short Essay - Answer Key

Anya Seton
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1. Who are Celia and Richard Marsdon?

The Marsdons are a wealthy couple living in 1960s England. Celia comes from America, and Richard comes from a lineage of British gentry.

2. What happened to Celia when she visited Cowdray castle?

When Celia visited Cowdray castle for the first time, she felt as though she had been there before and says that she can see people dressed in silks and velvets in the room with her.

3. Why does Edna Simpson dislike Celia?

Edna has respect for Richard, but she hates his wife. Edna dislikes Celia because she is young and wealthy, and in particular because she is American.

4. What does Celia find Richard reading in the study?

Celia finds Richard reading the Marsdon Chronicle in the study. The book is a detailed history of Richard's ancestors and in times of stress, he reads it to find guidance.

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