Green Darkness Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Anya Seton
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1. What is Celia and Richard's surname?


2. Where is Celia from originally?


3. What type of home do Celia and Richard live in?

A manor house.

4. Where is Celia and Richard's house located?

Medfield Place.

5. What does Celia host at the beginning of the novel?

A weekend party.

6. Who is Lily?

Celia's mother.

7. Which castle does Celia recall visiting with Richard?

Cowdray Castle.

8. In Part 1, Chapter 1, who does Celia recall meeting for dinner the previous autumn?

The Halloways.

9. Who is George Simpson?

A legal firm owner.

10. Where did Celia and Richard meet?

On a cruise.

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