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Anya Seton
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Lesson 1 (from Part One: Chapter 1, (pg 1-34))


The author of "Green Darkness," Anya Seton, was a writer of historical fiction and historical romance. Seton is known for such works as "The Turquoise," "Katherine" and of course, "Green Darkness." Two of her novels, "Dragonwyck" and "Foxfire" were made into films. This lesson discusses the author of the novel "Green Darkness", Anya Seton.


1) Library research: Have the students research the author, Anya Seton. Explore the other works she wrote, as well as her background. Take a look at interviews and articles about the author to gain information on her writing and where "Green Darkness" fits in with her other novels. After researching and compiling their research into a report, have students present their report to the class.

2) Class discussion: Discuss the following questions with the class:

a) What can researching the author's background and her other works tell the reader about the novel?


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