Green Darkness Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Anya Seton
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Part One: Chapter 1, (pg 1-34)

• Celia hosts a weekend party at her home.

• Myra, the Dowager Duchess shows interest in Richard making Celia jealous.

• Celia recalls a visit to Cowdray Castle where she had visions the castle's inhabitants.
• Celia recalls meeting Richard on a cruise with her mother.

• Celia's guests decide to spend the afternoon looking around the Marsdons' grounds.

• Celia finds Richard reading his family chronicle.

Part One: Chapter 2, (pg 34.-68)

• Celia walks with Dr. Akananda - somehow Akananda knows what she is feeling about Richard.

• Celia feels strangely at Cowdray Castle - she murmurs and hears voices.

• Celia tells Richard she will seduce Harry.

• Celia and Richard have a physical fight.

• Celia calls Richard 'Stephen'.

• Celia enters an unresponsive state, her body frozen.

Part One: Chapter 3, ( pg 69-104)

• Celia is taken to the local hospital.

• Edna Simpson refuses to leave the Marsdon's home.

• Richard seems to...

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