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Howard Sackler
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Pop knows that most people seem indignant about this kind of plotting, but then suggests they reconsider their indignation when?
(a) It suits them.
(b) They lose their jobs.
(c) They are out walking alone one night.
(d) They are in need of money.

2. Who is Ragosy?
(a) Jack's trainer.
(b) A theatrical producer.
(c) Ellie's father.
(d) Ellie's new boyfriend.

3. How does this speaker feel about what he or she is saying?
(a) He is glad he has finally said this.
(b) She feels strongly about what she says and is glad it is this way.
(c) He hates what he is saying and wishes it were not this way.
(d) She hates what she is saying and wishes it were not this way.

4. Cap'n Dan says he doesn't like it. What does he argue?
(a) No one should have a belief system.
(b) The current situation is no different than any other. Belief systems should never be bent.
(c) s.The current situation might call for the bending of belief system.
(d) The current situation calls for bending belief systems a little.

5. What happens as Jack/Tom sings a spiritual about the Spirits Bright?
(a) The audience laughs.
(b) The audience is shocked into silence.
(c) The audience cheers.
(d) The audience begins to moan and boo.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Cap'n Dan say Pop's suggestion will not work?

2. Is Ragosy able to calm them down this last time?

3. What does Cap'n Dan say can be cut off from Jack?

4. When does Smitty say Jack will settle down?

5. How does Jack react when Ellie tells him to stop dancing and singing?

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