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Howard Sackler
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Jack tell Ellie to take off her sunglasses?
(a) He believes she is hiding something from him.
(b) He believes she is crying.
(c) He does not like her sunglasses.
(d) He cannot see her.

2. Why does Jack not want Ellie to go to her seat?
(a) He wants her to go home.
(b) He does not want to see her.
(c) He is afraid she will make him lose.
(d) He does not want her to see what is about to happen.

3. How far away does Cap'n Dan realize that is?
(a) A decade.
(b) A couple of years.
(c) A year.
(d) A couple of months.

4. How does this speaker feel about what he or she is saying?
(a) He is glad he has finally said this.
(b) She hates what she is saying and wishes it were not this way.
(c) She feels strongly about what she says and is glad it is this way.
(d) He hates what he is saying and wishes it were not this way.

5. How does Jack respond to Smitty?
(a) Jack tells him to go away.
(b) Jack tells him to get him passage on the next boat to the United States.
(c) Jack tells him thank you.
(d) Jack tells him to write his mother a reply.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ellie respond when Jack asks if there are any new cables or money coming in.

2. What does this speaker discuss?

3. What happens when Ragosy pulls Tick from the stage?

4. What does the Promoter remind Jack to do?

5. When does Pop speak to the audience?

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