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Howard Sackler
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack angrily ask Tick to do?
(a) Find him an aspirin.
(b) Get him a sandwich.
(c) Get him some water.
(d) Find him a job.

2. When the German officers re-enter, what do they have with them?
(a) A young black German man.
(b) A beautiful woman.
(c) A quiet, young student.
(d) An old man.

3. What does Jack say after spitting?
(a) He is angry.
(b) He has got a bad taste in his mouth.
(c) He is thirsty.
(d) He does not feel well.

4. How does Jack get the officers to leave him alone with his "suitable memento?"
(a) He pays them.
(b) He threatens them.
(c) He makes a joke.
(d) He calls for the police.

5. Which of the men expresses doubts that the fighter is capable?
(a) Dixon.
(b) Cap'n Dan.
(c) Pop Weaver.
(d) Fred.

6. Why does Cap'n Dan think Jack will take the deal?
(a) He is bored.
(b) He wants the money.
(c) He will do whatever Cap'n Dan says.
(d) His mother is ill.

7. When does Pop speak to the audience?
(a) In a short aside.
(b) In a long aside.
(c) In a long soliloquy.
(d) In a short soliloquy.

8. What does Fred think about fixed fights?says the new White Hope can beat Jack fair and square, and he also says that he doesn't believe in fixed fights.
(a) He does not believe in them.
(b) He sees nothing wrong with them.
(c) He is not sure what he thinks about them.
(d) He thinks it is okay in this situation.

9. What does Clara begin shouting?
(a) Jack should not be imprisoned.
(b) Ellie is to blame for Mrs. Jefferson's death.
(c) She wants to marry Jack.
(d) Jack is to blame for Mrs. Jefferson's death.

10. What happens as Jack/Tom sings a spiritual about the Spirits Bright?
(a) The audience laughs.
(b) The audience cheers.
(c) The audience is shocked into silence.
(d) The audience begins to moan and boo.

11. What does Jack crumple up?
(a) The e-mail.
(b) The letter.
(c) His paycheck.
(d) The telegram.

12. What does Dixon suggest if Jack were to come back to America, take on this fighter, and deliberately lose?
(a) There might be the possibility that his criminal sentence might be reduced and the threat of increased black power and frustration would be reduced.
(b) He would never fight again.
(c) The black population would riot.
(d) The black population would grow even stronger.

13. How far away does Cap'n Dan realize that is?
(a) A decade.
(b) A couple of years.
(c) A year.
(d) A couple of months.

14. Who arrives at an airport in France where he is met by a group of reporters who ask him, in French, how he feels about his impending fight with Jack?
(a) An American boxer.
(b) A French boxer.
(c) A Polish boxer.
(d) A German boxer.

15. What does the Promoter remind Jack to do?
(a) Smile.
(b) Fight hard.
(c) Play fair.
(d) Win.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jack angrily do to himself?

2. What enters?

3. How does Jack respond when Ellie asks Jack what they are going to do?

4. Why does Smitty ask Ellie whether they are considering settling in France?

5. What scene do they play?

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