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Howard Sackler
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does an extremely well-spoken black man say about Jack's behavior?
(a) It is what one should expect from a young athlete.
(b) It is shocking but expected.
(c) It is a disgrace to all colored people.
(d) It is what all black men should do.

2. About what does the performer joke?
(a) How he wants to wash his face.
(b) How he wishes he were really black.
(c) How he hopes he is not the only black person around.
(d) How he hopes others will support Jack.

3. Tick enters with the news that Jack has been fined and sentenced how much?
(a) $5,000 and one year in prison.
(b) $20,000 and three years in prison.
(c) $10,000 and two years in prison.
(d) $1,000 and six months in prison.

4. What does Jack do when Clara clings to him?
(a) He hugs her.
(b) He tries to get rid of her.
(c) He yells at her.
(d) He cringes.

5. Why does Cap'n Dan tell Brady the whole country is going to feel let down?
(a) If Brady ends his boxing career.
(b) If Brady fights this man.
(c) If Brady continues to say he is afraid of this man.
(d) If Brady continues to refuse to fight.

6. How does the boxer fight that makes him seem like he does not fight "like a man?"
(a) He made cheap shots and cursed at the other boxer.
(b) He cried the entire match and begged for it to be over.
(c) He smiled all during the match, taunted his opponent, and made "smart ass remarks to the crowd."
(d) He glared at the other boxer, he would not stop when the referee told him to, and he swung harder than he needed to.

7. When does Goldie say the fight is scheduled?
(a) Easter Sunday.
(b) Labor Day.
(c) Memorial Day.
(d) Fourth of July.

8. What does Mrs. Jefferson promise Jack?
(a) She will bail him out.
(b) She will take care of Clara for him.
(c) She will visit him in prison both soon and often.
(d) She will pray for him.

9. How does Sir William respond to Coates' comment?
(a) Many people cause problems and are not sent away.
(b) There are many poor people in England that are not exiled.
(c) One cannot be judged by one's color.
(d) Anyone living in England is free to change his means of earning a living if he wants.

10. Knowing Jack is involved with a white girl is going to do what?
(a) Generate hate that will drive people crazy.
(b) Encourage others to do the same.
(c) Cause some surprise.
(d) Irritate many people.

11. When Cap'n Dan and Fred discuss the terms of the fight, who is named the referee?
(a) Dixon.
(b) Smitty.
(c) Cap'n Dan.
(d) Fred.

12. From whom does Brady face intense pressure?
(a) Smity, Fred, and Jack.
(b) Jack, Ellie, and Fred.
(c) Cap'n Dan, Jack, and Smitty.
(d) Fred, Cap'n Dan, and Smitty.

13. What does this man say about those black people who want success on white men's terms?
(a) They are smart to do that.
(b) Everyone should succeed on white men's terms.
(c) It is another form of slavery.
(d) White men's terms are the best.

14. Does Cameron suggests that Ellie should be ashamed of what she is doing?
(a) A little.
(b) Maybe.
(c) No.
(d) Yes.

15. What does Coates prompt Bratby to reveal?
(a) The match promised Jack has been canceled.
(b) The match promised Jack never existed.
(c) The match promised Jack has been delayed.
(d) The match promised Jack is still on.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a barker shouting into a megaphone?

2. Where are Jack, Ellie, Tick, and Goldie at the beginning of the scene?

3. What does Goldie plead with Jack to not do?

4. On whom does Clara angrily talk about wanting to take revenge?

5. Where is a large crowd of black people gathered?

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