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Howard Sackler
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do Cap'n Dan and Fred respond to Brady's confession?
(a) They agree with him.
(b) The taunt him.
(c) They laugh at him.
(d) They say he will be just fine.

2. What does Coates do regarding Sir William's attempts to keep order?
(a) He is worried by them.
(b) He complains about them.
(c) He ignores them.
(d) He listens to them.

3. How does Sir William respond to Coates' comment?
(a) There are many poor people in England that are not exiled.
(b) One cannot be judged by one's color.
(c) Many people cause problems and are not sent away.
(d) Anyone living in England is free to change his means of earning a living if he wants.

4. She recalls how hard it was to teach him the right way to behave, how he was always determined to do things his own way, and how she tried to punish him physically. What does she say she should have done to keep Jack out of a situation such as this?
(a) Sent him to college.
(b) Locked him in his room.
(c) Put into a private school.
(d) Tried harder to teach him the right way to behave.

5. What does Cameron promise?
(a) Not to allow this man to speak to him again.
(b) To not call the cops.
(c) To forget the man ever came.
(d) Not to let the matter rest.

6. How does the crowd react to Jack's arrival?
(a) They cry.
(b) There are no cheers.
(c) They cheer.
(d) They say nothing.

7. About what does Smitty warn Goldie?
(a) Bills that are due.
(b) Approaching protesters.
(c) Approaching police officers.
(d) Approaching fans.

8. Why does Ellie ask Jack if he feels all right?
(a) He looks sad.
(b) He looks upset.
(c) He looks worried.
(d) He looks a little strange.

9. What does an extremely well-spoken black man say about Jack's behavior?
(a) It is what one should expect from a young athlete.
(b) It is what all black men should do.
(c) It is a disgrace to all colored people.
(d) It is shocking but expected.

10. Does Brady accept the idea?
(a) No.
(b) Not at first.
(c) Yes.
(d) Yes, at first.

11. What is revealed about Jack and Ellie, regarding how they met?
(a) They were on the same boat coming back from Australia.
(b) They were in the same hotel in Sydney.
(c) They met on a boat going to Australia.
(d) They met in a bar in Chicago.

12. Why was Ellie in Australia?
(a) To get a divorce.
(b) To meet her husband.
(c) To marry Jack.
(d) To visit family.

13. How long does Jack have left on bail and the right to appeal?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Four weeks.
(c) One week.
(d) Three weeks.

14. What does Jack say will happen now that a match has been arranged for him?
(a) He is sure he will make plenty of money.
(b) He is sure there will be no problems.
(c) He will move to the United States.
(d) He knows some problems will occur.

15. How does the play begin?
(a) With a a meeting to discuss who Brady should fight next.
(b) With an argument over whether Brady, the current white heavyweight boxing champion, should fight an up-and-coming black boxer.
(c) With an argument over where Brady will go to train.
(d) With an argument over whether Brady should be the new Great White Hope.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ellie suddenly ask?

2. As Tick shouts directions and questions, Jack shouts back comments and answers. Why does Jack stop?

3. Who is the second witness, who makes racist remarks as she complains about the parties, noise, and destructive behavior that took place in the apartment that Jack and Ellie rented from her?

4. Where is a large crowd of black people gathered?

5. Does Cameron suggests that Ellie should be ashamed of what she is doing?

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