The Great White Hope Character Descriptions

Howard Sackler
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Eleanor Bachman - This character is Jack's white girlfriend and love interest.

Mrs. Bachman - This character's objective is to get her daughter out of arm's reach of Jack. Although she appears infrequently during the course of the play, she surfaces to deliver an important dramatic monologue.

Brady - This character is the former Heavyweight Champion of the World and a possible contender chosen to win the title back from Jack.

Cameron - This character is the district attorney for Chicago.

Clara - This character is a former lover of Jack's who has surfaced in his life to rekindle their relationship.

Cap'n Dan - This character is described simply as a champion of earlier days. He is the main force behind the group of white fighters, sportswriters, and promoters who would like to see Jack lose his title.

Dixon - Offering his expertise as a federal...

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