The Great God Brown Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the Brown family talk about?

On a pier in mid-June, Mr. and Mrs. Brown stroll with their son, Billy. The family talks of Billy's future plans to become an architect in view of becoming associated with Mr. Brown's building firm.

2. Why is Mr. Brown angry at his business partner, Mr. Anthony?

Mr. Brown is indignant with his business partner, Mr. Anthony, because he will not agree to expand their construction company.

3. In what way does the Anthony family contrast to the Brown family?

The Anthony family replaces the Brown family on the pier. In contrast to the Browns, the Anthonys seem like strangers to each other, remaining separated and speaking disjointedly.

4. Why does Mr. Anthony not want Dion to attend college?

Mrs. Anthony would like Dion to attend college and cultivate his artistic talents, but Mr. Anthony feels that college is a breeding ground for sloth. He thinks Dion will only return to live off his father's efforts.

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