The Great God Brown Character Descriptions

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Dion Anthony - Throughout the play his insecurities tear at him and cause him to hide behind a mask of cruel indifference. At one point he asks himself a series of questions that reveal his anguish:

Margaret Anthony - She is a pretty and vivacious, blonde, with big romantic eyes. Her figure is lithe and strong, her facial expression intelligent but youthfully dreamy.

Mr. Anthony - He is a tall, lean man of fifty-five or sixty with a grim, defensive face, obstinate to the point of weakness.

Mrs. Anthony - She is a thin, frail, faded woman, her manner perpetually nervous and distraught, but with a sweet and gentle face that had once been beautiful.

Billy Brown - See William Brown

Mr. Brown - He owns an architecture firm with Dion's father. His wife's lack of respect for his business angers him. He has set goals...

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