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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pip add to the brandy to disguise the missing portion?

2. What is peculiar about the younger convict who Pip sees?

3. Who does Pip decide to visit when he leaves London for the first time?

4. What does Miss Havisham give to Pip when he visits her after his sister's injury?

5. What does Pip use to replace the brandy he has stolen from his sister?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is Mr. Wemick described in his office setting?

2. Why is Magwitch not tried immediately after he arrested?

3. Why does Pip see Orlick at Miss Havisham's estate?

4. What does Pip learn about Joe when he writes him a letter?

5. What does Mr. Wemmick tell Pip when he returns to London and questions Mr. Wemmick about the note left on Miss Havisham's gate?

6. What happens when Orlick gets jealous of Pip's day off from work?

7. What does Mr. Jaggers do when Mr. Wemmick challenges him to tell Pip the truth about Estella's birth?

8. What does Pip see when he first visits Mr. Jaggers's office?

9. What causes Mrs. Pocket to burst into tears when Pip first meets her?

10. What does the convict say to keep Pip out of trouble when he is found on the marshes?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What are some of the key examples of gratitude in this book? How do these instances affect that characters involved in the scenes?

Essay Topic 2

Power and Greed are two common themes in this book. Where do they appear, and how do they differ in their manifestations?

Essay Topic 3

Pip endures many different trials before the end of the book. What are some of these trials, and what lessons does he learn through these experiences?

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