Objects & Places from Great Expectations

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Pip grows up here and returns here many times when he is older.

The Three Jolly Bargemen

This is a bar in Pip's village that serves as a meeting place. Important news and characters are often discovered here.

Mr. Wopsle's Great Aunt's school

Not much learning takes place here because the main teacher sleeps most of the time, and her books are all out of date.

Manor House (or Satis)

Once a great mansion with a thriving brewery attached, all activity stops and begins to slide into decay when Miss Havisham is abandoned here on her wedding day.

Twenty before nine

The time when Miss Havisham realizes she has been stood on her wedding day. She stops all clocks in her house at this precise moment.

The Temple

The second, and more respectable, of the lodgings into which Pip and Herbert move in the city.

Barnard's Inn

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