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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does the main character in 'A Gentle Spirit' want to save up?
(a) 500,000 kopeks.
(b) 500,000 rubels.
(c) 30,00 rubels.
(d) 30,000 kopeks.

2. What is the pawn broker suffering from when he goes to bed?
(a) A case of heart burn.
(b) A side ache.
(c) A toothache.
(d) A headache.

3. What shows the pawn broker just how much he loves his wife?
(a) The jealousy he feels.
(b) The incident with the revolver.
(c) Seeing her sleeping form in his bed.
(d) Her sickness.

4. What did the main character in 'A Gentle Spirit' do when he first men the girl?
(a) Teased her.
(b) Comforted her.
(c) Tested her.
(d) Watched her.

5. How does the man in the crocodile communicate with his friends?
(a) He uses morse code.
(b) He passes written messages.
(c) He uses a telephone.
(d) He uses sign language.

6. What was the title of Mr. Pralinsky's father?
(a) Major.
(b) General.
(c) Sergeant.
(d) Captain.

7. What does NOT happen on holidays in 'The Peasant Marey'?
(a) Religious services.
(b) Visits.
(c) Work.
(d) Eating.

8. How does the girl's husband feel she should act towards him?
(a) Subserviant.
(b) Revering.
(c) Loving.
(d) Attractive.

9. How close was the husband to saving his wife from death?
(a) 5 days.
(b) 50 minutes.
(c) 5 minutes.
(d) 5 hours.

10. Who does the girl in 'A Gentle Spirit' work for?
(a) Her grandmother.
(b) Her aunts.
(c) Her neighbor.
(d) Her godfather.

11. What does the man in 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man' say he knows better than anyone else?
(a) How wise he can be.
(b) How to achieve his dreams.
(c) How fortunate he is.
(d) How ridiculous he is.

12. What do the men say bring great joy in 'An Unpleasant Predicament'?
(a) Middle aged women.
(b) Alchohol.
(c) The military force in Russia.
(d) Extra-marital affairs.

13. Why did Stepan arrange the meeting in 'An Unpleasant Predicament'?
(a) He was promoting them.
(b) He was firing them.
(c) They were being re-assigned.
(d) It was his birthday.

14. What was the main character's book about in 'The Peasant Marey'?
(a) A priest.
(b) A General.
(c) A murderer.
(d) An explorer.

15. What does the swallowed man say will nourish him while he is in the crocodile?
(a) His own flesh.
(b) The crocodile.
(c) His pocket crackers.
(d) Water.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the occupation of the main character in 'The Peasant Marey'?

2. How old was the man the girl married in 'A Gentle Spirit'?

3. How does the girl in 'A Gentle Spirit' say her employers treat her?

4. How old was Stepan?

5. How long has the man in 'The Dream of a Ridiculous Man' delayed his plot?

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