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1. Why did Dostoyevsky vary the sentence length in his writing?

Dostoyevsky varied the sentence length in his writing as another means of adding value to his communications.

2. Why did the translator warn people against reading too many of Dostoyevsky's works in succession?

The translator of these stories warned readers against studying to many of Dostoyevsky's works in succession because it could reduce even the sunniest disposition to a state of depression.

3. Why does Dostoyevsky say babies are born knowing to cry?

Dostoyevsky says that babies are born knowing how to cry because all men have an intrinsic need for attention and affection from others.

4. Who was Ivanitch searching for in 'A Novel in Nine Letters'?

In 'A Novel in Nine Letters' Ivanitch was searching around town for one of his old friend Pyotr who he had not seen in some time.

5. What does Ivanitch find out about Pyotr's wife?

Ivanitch finds out that Pyotr's wife is planning to run away with and marry another man.

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