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St. Petersburgappears in Multiple Stories

This is the setting for every single story in this collection.

Revolverappears in The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

This is the weapon bought as part of a plan to commit suicide in the final short story of the collection.

Murin's gunappears in The Landlady

This is a weapon that the old German man keeps after he takes it from the wall.

Bobynitsin's flatappears in Another Man's Wife, or the Husband Under the Bed

This is where a man goes in search of his wife when he thinks she is having at least one extramarital affair.

Lettersappears in A Novel in Nine Letters

There are a number of these that are used to actually assemble an entire story.

Rental houseappears in The Landlady

These are the homes that the Landlady either owns or is purchasing with the assistance of all of her lodgers...

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