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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Tolstoy say Cossack men view their wives?

2. Why does Marya's depression return?

3. Who does Eugene Irtenev's mother want him to marry?

4. Why did Liza Annenskaya hire Stepanida?

5. How old is Marya Alexandrovna?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tolstoy describe Eugene Irtenev's marriage with Liza Annenskaya?

2. What gift did Father Sergius discover he had, and what did it do for him?

3. Describe Dmitri's departure from the Caucasus.

4. What causes Marya's depression?

5. Describe Alyosha's temperament.

6. What happens to end the truce between Ivan Ilych and Praskovya Federovna?

7. What kinds of problems does Ivan Ilych have with Praskovya Federovna, his wife?

8. Why does Murad want to fight Shamil?

9. How did Father Sergius come to be sent to Siberia?

10. How does Praskovya Federovna's bad temper affect Ivan Ilych?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze three stories and describe Tolstoy's views on illness. How does illness function in a narrative sense, in the stories? How does it function in a philosophical sense, as a counterweight to spiritual truths?

Essay Topic 2

How does the theme of the child function in "Family Happiness"? Who acts like a child? How do actual children affect the characters?

Essay Topic 3

Many characters in Tolstoy's stories learn and grow throughout the stories. Analyzing three stories, describe the and compare the kinds of growth Tolstoy portrays: are there commonalities? Is growth always in the direction of moral and spiritual enlightenment? If not, what other kinds of growth does Tolstoy describe?

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