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Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the Grebensk Cossacks descended from?

2. How does Ivan Ilych's relationship with his wife change when he begins to work at the Court of Justice?

3. What is in Novomlinsk?

4. How does Marya say her marriage to Sergey affects her relationship with the world?

5. How often does Eugene Irtenev meet Stepanida?

Short Essay Questions

1. What intrudes to make Marya unhappy?

2. How does Tolstoy describe Eugene Irtenev's marriage with Liza Annenskaya?

3. What role do Liza Annenskaya's pregnancies play in "The Devil"?

4. What torments Eugene Irtenev, and how does he plan to end his suffering?

5. What does Marya think about her marriage at first?

6. Which ending of "The Devil" seems to be preferable?

7. What is the relationship between the Grebensk Cossacks and the Muslim Tartars?

8. How does Ivan Ilych change when he begins to make money?

9. What happens in the first ambush Lukashka sets up?

10. Describe the beginning of Marya's relationship with Sergey.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Late in life, Tolstoy abjured private possessions and advocated communes. Does the Tolstoy of the stories value worldly possessions less than other kinds of things? Where are worldly possessions in Tolstoy's value scale? Analyze three stories and describe Tolstoy's views.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze morality in three of Tolstoy's stories. What is Tolstoy's view of morality? Is it innate, or the result of decisions?

Essay Topic 3

Analyze three stories and describe Tolstoy's views on illness. How does illness function in a narrative sense, in the stories? How does it function in a philosophical sense, as a counterweight to spiritual truths?

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