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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Tolstoy say Stepan Kasatsky feels about the Emperor?
(a) Devoted.
(b) Adoring.
(c) Resentful.
(d) Competitive.

2. What does Murad intend to do when he reaches his destination?
(a) Surrender to the Russians.
(b) Gather men to fight Shamil.
(c) Fight the Russians.
(d) Emigrate to America.

3. Why has Shamil ordered Murad's family to be arrested?
(a) Murad had spoken against the Chechen cause.
(b) Shamil was trying to consolidate his power.
(c) A conflict between Shamil and Murad.
(d) Murad had murdered a man.

4. What inspired the jealousy rage in Pozdnyshev?
(a) He read his wife's letters.
(b) A business trip.
(c) One of Trukhachevsky's enemies told him about Trukhachevsky's affair with his wife.
(d) Catching his wife and Trukhachevsky in the act.

5. What is Stepan Kasatsky's relation with the court of Emperor Nicholas I?
(a) Stepan Kasatsky married an admiral's daughter.
(b) Stepan Kasatsky's mother was daughter of a high-ranking officer.
(c) Stepan Kasatsky's father was an outstanding military officer.
(d) Stepan Kasatsky's family was promoted to the nobility by Emperor Nicholas I.

6. Whose house do the travelers stop at?
(a) Vasili's cousin.
(b) The wealthiest man in Grishkino.
(c) Nikita's wife.
(d) The mayor of Goryachkin.

7. How does Marya Dmitrievna denounce Hadji Aga and his men?
(a) As swine.
(b) As traitors.
(c) As thieves.
(d) As cutthroats.

8. Where does the road take them after the travelers return to the road?
(a) Grishkino.
(b) Petersburg.
(c) Goryachkin.
(d) The Semenov estate.

9. How does Nikita treat Mukhorty?
(a) As a family member.
(b) As a low criminal.
(c) As a pet.
(d) As a beast of burden.

10. What is Mukhorty covered with when he stumbles in a ditch?
(a) Snow.
(b) Hoar frost.
(c) Blankets.
(d) Ice.

11. What were Pozdnyshev and his wife like in private together?
(a) Tongue-tied.
(b) Passionate.
(c) Resentful.
(d) Warmly affectionate.

12. How does Stepan Kasatsky respond when Countess Korotkova tells him about her other lover?
(a) He breaks off the engagement.
(b) He confronts the other man.
(c) He vows to love her eternally.
(d) He kills her.

13. Why is it urgent for Vasili and Nikita and Mukhorty to reach their destination in the snow storm?
(a) Vasili wants to make a bid on some land there.
(b) Nikita's mother is ill.
(c) Vasili's mother is ill.
(d) Mukhorty needs medical attention.

14. How does Pozdnyshev describe his and his wife's courtship?
(a) Convoluted.
(b) On-again-off-again.
(c) Lengthy.
(d) Brief.

15. How does Pozdnyshev describe his union with his wife?
(a) A passionate union.
(b) A carnal union.
(c) A practical, economic union.
(d) A spiritual union.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did Murad die?

2. What was Pozdnyshev's justification for killing his wife?

3. What are Stepan Kasatsky's motives for whatever he undertakes?

4. How long after their wedding was Pozdnyshev's wife depressed?

5. Where does Stepan Kasatsky go after Countess Korotkova tells him about her other lover?

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