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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprises Captain Delano when he first sees Benito Cereno's ship?
(a) The ship is in ill repair.
(b) The ship is bound for an uninhabited island.
(c) The ship is giving a distress signal.
(d) The ship doesn't fly the flag of any nation.

2. Why had Jimmy Rose never married?
(a) He was too shy.
(b) He loved all women equally.
(c) He ws unattractive.
(d) He didn't like women.

3. What caused the loss of Jimmy Rose's fortune?
(a) Shipwrecks.
(b) Duplicitous dealings.
(c) His overly generous dealings.
(d) The stock market crash.

4. Who wrote the book lying on the apple-tree table?
(a) Melville.
(b) Cotton Mather.
(c) Faust.
(d) Hawthorne.

5. Why does the narrator of "I and My Chimney" identify with his chimney?
(a) They are both obese old smokers.
(b) They are both. the center of attention.
(c) They are both tall and handsome.
(d) They are both an annoyance to the household.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does John Gentian say are caused by stirring deeds?

2. How does the narrator of "The Piazza" travel to the spot in the mountains that he wants to see?

3. Who is Atufal?

4. To what did Captain Delano attribute Benito Cereno's ineffectiveness as captain?

5. What does the narrator decide to give the apple-tree table when he first discovers it?

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