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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What sort of feet did the apple-tree table have?
(a) Hooves like Satan.
(b) Brass fittings.
(c) Marble balls.
(d) Carved mahogany.

2. What does the narrator decide to give the apple-tree table when he first discovers it?
(a) Kind attention.
(b) A warm environment.
(c) A place of honor.
(d) A happier book.

3. How does the lightning rod salesman feel about thunderstorms?
(a) He is terrified.
(b) He is confident.
(c) He is relaxed and unafraid.
(d) He is assured of his own safety.

4. What contributes to the narrator's thoughts about the apple-tree table being supernatural?
(a) The table is Satanic-looking.
(b) The table is old.
(c) The table is inscribed with signs and symbols.
(d) The table is unusually beautiful.

5. What loss of John Gentian's is noticed most on May thirtieth?
(a) His missing ear.
(b) His empty sleeve.
(c) His limp.
(d) His blinded eye.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator in "The Paradise of Bachelors" say has become of the Knights Templar?

2. Why is the strange ship low on provisions?

3. How does the narrator of "The Apple-Tree Table" feel as his wife and daughters become more frightened?

4. What surprises Captain Delano when he first sees Benito Cereno's ship?

5. Why is Captain Delano glad he was not astute enough to recognize the mutiny?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the narrator of "I and My Chimney" believe his chimney is good for invalids?

2. Why do the peacocks on the wallpaper in the parlor seem to the narrator to represent Jimmy Rose?

3. What does the chimney in "I and My Chimney" provide for the narrator on the second landing?

4. Why did the Spanish naval board of inquiry at first reject parts of Benito Cereno's deposition?

5. What is the figurehead on the San Dominick?

6. What does the narrator of "The Fiddler" first admire about Hautboy?

7. What foibles does the narrator claim Jack Gentian possesses?

8. In "The Lightning Rod Man," why does the narrator pretend to mistake the salesman for the god Jupiter Tonans?

9. What is Captain Delano's intention in boarding Benito Cereno's ship?

10. How have the Knights Templar changed, according to Melville's observations, in "The Paradise of Bachelors"?

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