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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What caused the loss of Jimmy Rose's fortune?
(a) His overly generous dealings.
(b) The stock market crash.
(c) Duplicitous dealings.
(d) Shipwrecks.

2. What overcomes Captain Delano's criticism of Benito Cereno?
(a) Sorrow.
(b) Compassion.
(c) Understanding.
(d) Courtesy.

3. What sort of feet did the apple-tree table have?
(a) Marble balls.
(b) Brass fittings.
(c) Hooves like Satan.
(d) Carved mahogany.

4. What does the narrator in "The Fiddler" do with his manuscripts?
(a) Sends them to publishers.
(b) Tears them up.
(c) Pays to have them printed.
(d) Reads them to strangers.

5. What god does the narrator in "The Lightning Rod Man" think the salesman resembles?
(a) Apollo.
(b) Poseidon.
(c) Zeus.
(d) Jupiter.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator of "The Piazza" travel to the spot in the mountains that he wants to see?

2. Why had Jimmy Rose never married?

3. To what did Captain Delano attribute Benito Cereno's ineffectiveness as captain?

4. In "The Piazza," how does the narrator's house look to the inhabitants of the mountain cottage?

5. Why does the narrator of "I and My Chimney" identify with his chimney?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the narrator despondent at the beginning of "The Fiddler"?

2. Why did the Spanish naval board of inquiry at first reject parts of Benito Cereno's deposition?

3. How have the Knights Templar changed, according to Melville's observations, in "The Paradise of Bachelors"?

4. What foibles does the narrator claim Jack Gentian possesses?

5. Why does the narrator of "I and My Chimney" believe his chimney is good for invalids?

6. What haunts the narrator at the conclusion of "The Piazza"?

7. Why does the owner of the paper factory in "The Tartarus of Maids" tell the narrator that all of his workers are called "girls"?

8. What is the figurehead on the San Dominick?

9. What does the narrator claim shows Jack Gentian's natural gentility?

10. What does Jimmy Rose retain after he has lost his fortune?

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