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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steelkilt threaten to do if he is flogged by the captain?
(a) Murder the captain.
(b) Jump overboard.
(c) Tell the admiralty board of review.
(d) Seek an unnamed revenge.

2. How does the narrator describe the men who work the Erie Canal?
(a) They are mild and calm.
(b) They are sneaky and subtle.
(c) They are picturesquely wicked.
(d) They are strong and virtuous.

3. Why does the Town-Ho's captain have to put the ship into port?
(a) Its crewmen are ill with scurvy.
(b) It has run out of supplies.
(c) There has been a mutiny on board.
(d) It has sprung a leak.

4. What do the other employees think of Bartleby's refusals?
(a) They think Bartleby should be promoted.
(b) They think Bartleby should be forgiven.
(c) They think Bartleby should be fired.
(d) They think Bartleby should be excused.

5. Why does the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" call the rooster Signor Beneventano?
(a) The rooster reminds him of his neighbor.
(b) The rooster reminds him of a song.
(c) The rooster reminds him of a character in a play.
(d) The rooster reminds him of a character in a book.

6. What is unusual about the pork at the Coulters' dinner table?
(a) It is last year's.
(b) It is only fat and gristle.
(c) It is only hides.
(d) It is not really pork.

7. What does Bartleby's demeanor show about his eccentricities?
(a) They are important.
(b) They are involuntary.
(c) They are voluntary.
(d) They are unimportant.

8. What animal does Melville claim is not at home at sea, on land, or in the air?
(a) The penguin.
(b) The walrus.
(c) The cormorant.
(d) The bat.

9. What does the crew decide not to do after Steelkilt is flogged?
(a) Obey the captain.
(b) Call out when whales were sighted.
(c) Start a mutiny.
(d) Desert together.

10. What did a strange boy give the narrator in the theater?
(a) A cake of barley.
(b) An unexpected smile.
(c) A cup of coffee.
(d) A cup of ale.

11. How is the narrator punished for sneaking into the church?
(a) He is jailed overnight and fined.
(b) He is warned and set free.
(c) He is publicly embarrassed, but pardoned.
(d) He is imprisoned.

12. Who takes possession as the sole ruler of St. Charles Isle?
(a) A Bolivian pirate.
(b) A Peruvian king.
(c) A Creole soldier.
(d) A Chilean adventurer.

13. What part of the United States does the narrator of the Town-Ho's story claim is much like the sea?
(a) The Great Lakes region.
(b) Lake Tahoe.
(c) The Erie Canal.
(d) The Mississippi.

14. How does the narrator describe life on the sea as compared to farming or working the Erie Canal?
(a) Sea life is "calm and pure."
(b) Sea life is "daring and brave."
(c) Sea life is "quietly Christian."
(d) Sea life is "reckless and barbaric."

15. What is the main task of the narrator's youngest employee in Bartleby?
(a) Legal research.
(b) Cook.
(c) Errand boy.
(d) Copying.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" treat his creditor after hearing the crow?

2. What nicknames does the narrator of Bartleby give his employees?

3. How does the narrator accommodate the weakness of his oldest scrivener?

4. To what sight in the city does Melville compare the islands of the Encantadas?

5. What action does Steelkilt determine to take after being locked in the hold?

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