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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose job is it to normally sweep the deck of a ship?
(a) All members of the work gangs.
(b) The men on watch.
(c) The boys on board.
(d) The lowest seaman.

2. What does the crew decide not to do after Steelkilt is flogged?
(a) Obey the captain.
(b) Call out when whales were sighted.
(c) Start a mutiny.
(d) Desert together.

3. How does the narrator accommodate the weakness of his oldest scrivener?
(a) By giving him unimportant papers in the morning.
(b) By hiring an assistant for him.
(c) By giving him unimportant papers in the afternoon.
(d) By allowing him to work only half a day.

4. What previous employment had shaped Bartleby?
(a) Working on a locomotive.
(b) Working in a morgue.
(c) Working in a dead letter office.
(d) Working as a court reporter.

5. What is the profession of the narrator of Bartleby?
(a) Stockbroker.
(b) Tax accountant.
(c) Judge.
(d) Lawyer.

6. What does Melville say is the most populous species on the island of Albermarle?
(a) Lizards.
(b) People.
(c) Spiders.
(d) Snakes.

7. What did a strange boy give the narrator in the theater?
(a) A cake of barley.
(b) An unexpected smile.
(c) A cup of ale.
(d) A cup of coffee.

8. Of what does the onstage action in the London theater remind the narrator?
(a) His own childhood.
(b) The theater at home on Broadway.
(c) The church service he had watched from the bell tower.
(d) The curmudgeonly landlady at his boarding house.

9. What surprises the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" about the owner of the rooster?
(a) He is old.
(b) He is poor.
(c) He has a large family.
(d) He has many such roosters.

10. Where does the narrator in The Town-Ho's story tell his tale?
(a) The Cape of Good Hope.
(b) On the deck of the Town-Ho.
(c) On the deck of the Pequod.
(d) Lima, Peru.

11. What good qualities does Bartleby have as an employee?
(a) He is amiable and friendly.
(b) He is hard-working and honest.
(c) He is enthusiastic and energetic.
(d) He is eager to help.

12. What does the arrangement of the office allow Bartleby to do with the narrator?
(a) Neither see him nor hear him.
(b) See him but not hear him.
(c) Hear him but not see him.
(d) Both see and hear him.

13. What quality of Bartleby's induces the narrator to hire him?
(a) Bartleby is energetic.
(b) Bartleby is efficient.
(c) Bartleby is friendly.
(d) Bartleby is sedate.

14. What food does Bartleby appear to eat exclusively?
(a) Chestnuts.
(b) Porridge.
(c) Pine nuts.
(d) Ginger nuts.

15. What did the failure of his invention do for the uncle in "The Happy Failure?"
(a) Made him disappointed.
(b) Made him more determined.
(c) Made him furious.
(d) Made him a good man.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surprises the narrator when he goes to his office on a Sunday?

2. What has the uncle in "The Happy Failure" invented?

3. What does the narrator's middle-aged employee offer to do for Bartleby?

4. How does Bartleby respond to the other employees?

5. What do the crew members do as soon as the Town-Ho reaches port?

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