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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the narrator in The Town-Ho's story tell his tale?
(a) Lima, Peru.
(b) On the deck of the Town-Ho.
(c) The Cape of Good Hope.
(d) On the deck of the Pequod.

2. What nicknames does the narrator of Bartleby give his employees?
(a) Chicken, Rooster, and Cluck.
(b) Turkey, Nippers, and Ginger Nut.
(c) Chompers, Grumpy, and Short Stuff.
(d) Grandpa, Grumpy, and The Kid.

3. What quality of Bartleby's induces the narrator to hire him?
(a) Bartleby is friendly.
(b) Bartleby is efficient.
(c) Bartleby is sedate.
(d) Bartleby is energetic.

4. What is the profession of the narrator of Bartleby?
(a) Stockbroker.
(b) Tax accountant.
(c) Judge.
(d) Lawyer.

5. What does Melville say is the most populous species on the island of Albermarle?
(a) People.
(b) Snakes.
(c) Lizards.
(d) Spiders.

6. What action does Steelkilt determine to take after being locked in the hold?
(a) He will kill the captain.
(b) He will kill Radney.
(c) He will apologize.
(d) He will seize the ship.

7. Why is the narrator of "The Two Temples" not allowed to enter the church?
(a) He doesn't appear to be a Christian.
(b) He is causing a disturbance.
(c) He looks poor and doesn't have a bribe.
(d) He looks like a heathen.

8. What food does Bartleby appear to eat exclusively?
(a) Pine nuts.
(b) Ginger nuts.
(c) Porridge.
(d) Chestnuts.

9. Why does Coulter come home for lunch?
(a) To enjoy a hot meal.
(b) To please his wife.
(c) To get exercise from the walk.
(d) To rest a little while.

10. Who is the worst enemy of the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?"
(a) His creditor.
(b) His banker.
(c) His wife.
(d) His neighbor.

11. What surprises the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" about the owner of the rooster?
(a) He is old.
(b) He has many such roosters.
(c) He has a large family.
(d) He is poor.

12. What does the crew decide not to do after Steelkilt is flogged?
(a) Desert together.
(b) Call out when whales were sighted.
(c) Obey the captain.
(d) Start a mutiny.

13. Whose job is it to normally sweep the deck of a ship?
(a) The lowest seaman.
(b) The men on watch.
(c) The boys on board.
(d) All members of the work gangs.

14. What is the narrator's condition when he goes to the theater in London?
(a) He is broke and alone.
(b) He is comfortable and among friends.
(c) He is bored and overfed.
(d) He is well-fed and relaxed.

15. What part of the United States does the narrator of the Town-Ho's story claim is much like the sea?
(a) The Great Lakes region.
(b) The Erie Canal.
(c) The Mississippi.
(d) Lake Tahoe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did buccaneers leave on the islands that Melville claims is proof of their better traits?

2. What does the narrator's middle-aged employee offer to do for Bartleby?

3. With what weapon does Radney threaten Steelkilt?

4. Why does the Town-Ho's captain have to put the ship into port?

5. To what sight in the city does Melville compare the islands of the Encantadas?

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