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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What human assumption does Melville say is the most preposterous?
(a) Criticism of the poor by the rich.
(b) Understanding of the rich by the poor.
(c) Criticism of the rich by the poor.
(d) Understanding of the poor by the rich.

2. What part of the United States does the narrator of the Town-Ho's story claim is much like the sea?
(a) The Erie Canal.
(b) The Mississippi.
(c) Lake Tahoe.
(d) The Great Lakes region.

3. What does Steelkilt threaten to do if he is flogged by the captain?
(a) Murder the captain.
(b) Seek an unnamed revenge.
(c) Jump overboard.
(d) Tell the admiralty board of review.

4. What does Blandmour believe God does for the poor?
(a) God charges the rich to care for the poor.
(b) God gives the poor the challenges they need.
(c) God gives the poor very little help.
(d) God gives the poor everything they need for free.

5. How much does the uncle in "The Happy Failure" think his invention is worth?
(a) More than a life's work.
(b) More than his house.
(c) More than silver.
(d) More than gold.

6. Of what does the onstage action in the London theater remind the narrator?
(a) The church service he had watched from the bell tower.
(b) The curmudgeonly landlady at his boarding house.
(c) The theater at home on Broadway.
(d) His own childhood.

7. What does the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" believe the rooster's crow is saying?
(a) Hello!
(b) Hark!
(c) Glory be to God in the highest!
(d) Beware!

8. Where do both the captain and Steelkilt go after they separate?
(a) England.
(b) Hawaii.
(c) France.
(d) Tahiti.

9. What did a strange boy give the narrator in the theater?
(a) A cup of ale.
(b) An unexpected smile.
(c) A cup of coffee.
(d) A cake of barley.

10. How does Merrymusk convince the narrator that he is a rich man?
(a) He has a large tract of land.
(b) He has a rooster worth five hundred dollars.
(c) He has a barn full of hay.
(d) He has a large family.

11. How does the narrator get into the London theater presentation?
(a) He finds a ticket on the sidewalk.
(b) A stranger gives him a ticket.
(c) He pawns his overcoat to buy a ticket.
(d) He sneaks in a side door.

12. What do the Peruvian listeners force the storyteller to do to prove his story is true?
(a) Produce another witness.
(b) Cross his heart.
(c) Swear on the Bible.
(d) Show some evidence.

13. How is the narrator punished for sneaking into the church?
(a) He is imprisoned.
(b) He is jailed overnight and fined.
(c) He is warned and set free.
(d) He is publicly embarrassed, but pardoned.

14. What did the failure of his invention do for the uncle in "The Happy Failure?"
(a) Made him more determined.
(b) Made him furious.
(c) Made him disappointed.
(d) Made him a good man.

15. What is the narrator's condition when he goes to the theater in London?
(a) He is well-fed and relaxed.
(b) He is bored and overfed.
(c) He is comfortable and among friends.
(d) He is broke and alone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator's middle-aged employee offer to do for Bartleby?

2. Why does the captain fear to shoot Steelkilt for his insubordination?

3. With what weapon does Radney threaten Steelkilt?

4. What does the crew decide not to do after Steelkilt is flogged?

5. What object does the lookout spot that takes Melville's ship to Norfolk Isle?

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