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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the profession of the narrator of Bartleby?
(a) Stockbroker.
(b) Tax accountant.
(c) Judge.
(d) Lawyer.

2. What human assumption does Melville say is the most preposterous?
(a) Understanding of the rich by the poor.
(b) Understanding of the poor by the rich.
(c) Criticism of the rich by the poor.
(d) Criticism of the poor by the rich.

3. What surprises the narrator when he goes to his office on a Sunday?
(a) Bartleby has been living there.
(b) Bartleby has invited friends to the office.
(c) Bartleby has been working on the weekend.
(d) Bartleby has stolen his things.

4. What surprises the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" about the owner of the rooster?
(a) He has a large family.
(b) He has many such roosters.
(c) He is old.
(d) He is poor.

5. How does Melville describe pelicans?
(a) Modest and humble.
(b) Clever and complicated.
(c) Woebegone and penitential.
(d) Elegant and streamlined.

6. Why doesn't the narrator dismiss Bartleby for insubordination?
(a) Bartleby is calm, showing no emotion.
(b) Bartleby is obviously emotionally upset.
(c) Bartleby promises to improve.
(d) Bartleby is distressed.

7. What did the American ship, the Essex, see in the Encantadas?
(a) An enchanted ship.
(b) A pirate ship.
(c) An English ship.
(d) A ghost ship.

8. Why does the Town-Ho's captain have to put the ship into port?
(a) There has been a mutiny on board.
(b) It has run out of supplies.
(c) It has sprung a leak.
(d) Its crewmen are ill with scurvy.

9. What was the message of the church meeting the narrator observed?
(a) "Repent and be saved."
(b) "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's."
(c) "Ye are the salt of the earth."
(d) "Hide not your light under a bushel."

10. What country possessed the Encantadas at the time Melville wrote?
(a) Bolivia.
(b) Chile.
(c) Peru.
(d) Colombia.

11. Where does the narrator in The Town-Ho's story tell his tale?
(a) Lima, Peru.
(b) On the deck of the Town-Ho.
(c) On the deck of the Pequod.
(d) The Cape of Good Hope.

12. What office does the narrator of Bartleby hold that no longer exists?
(a) Justice of the Peace.
(b) Master of Chancery.
(c) Mayor.
(d) County Coroner.

13. What does the crew decide to do after Steelkilt is flogged?
(a) Obey the captain.
(b) Start a mutiny.
(c) Murder Radney.
(d) Desert together.

14. What is the first thing Bartleby says he would prefer not to do?
(a) Originate a copy.
(b) Compare a copy with its original.
(c) Go for coffee.
(d) Copy a comparison of an original.

15. What does Melville believe the charities of London do for the poor?
(a) The charities of London strengthen the poor.
(b) The charities of London soften the poor.
(c) The charities of London embolden the poor.
(d) The charities of London madden the poor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bartleby's demeanor show about his eccentricities?

2. Where do both the captain and Steelkilt go after they separate?

3. What prevents Steelkilt from taking revenge on Radney?

4. How does Steelkilt respond to Radney's request that he sweep the deck?

5. How much does the uncle in "The Happy Failure" think his invention is worth?

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