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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17 - 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the attitude of the bachelors in the Temple toward pain and trouble?
(a) Pain and trouble are everywhere.
(b) Pain and trouble are unavoidable.
(c) Pain and trouble are nonexistent.
(d) Pain and trouble are for other people.

2. What makes Moby Dick an unusual whale?
(a) He is unusually small, white, and intelligent.
(b) He is unusually large, white, and vengeful.
(c) He is intelligent and communicates with people.
(d) He has supernatural powers.

3. How does Captain Delano evaluate Benito Cereno's condition when he first meets him?
(a) Captain Delano evalutes Benito Cereno as dictatorial.
(b) Captain Delano evalutes Benito Cereno as cruel.
(c) Captain Delano evaluates Benito Cereno as weak and ineffectual.
(d) Captain Delano perceives Benito Cereno to be physically and mentally disabled.

4. Of what does the onstage action in the London theater remind the narrator?
(a) The church service he had watched from the bell tower.
(b) His own childhood.
(c) The theater at home on Broadway.
(d) The curmudgeonly landlady at his boarding house.

5. What do Steelkilt and his men demand in return for obeying orders?
(a) They will be given better wages.
(b) They will not have to sweep the decks.
(c) Radney will be punished.
(d) They will not be punished.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are Pedro and Sebastian in The Town-Ho's Story?

2. What good qualities does Bartleby have as an employee?

3. Whose job is it to normally sweep the deck of a ship?

4. In "I and My Chimney," what is the narrator's wife's maxim?

5. Where does the narrator in The Town-Ho's story tell his tale?

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