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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 17 - 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Peruvian listeners force the storyteller to do to prove his story is true?
(a) Produce another witness.
(b) Swear on the Bible.
(c) Show some evidence.
(d) Cross his heart.

2. What does the narrator decide to give the apple-tree table when he first discovers it?
(a) A warm environment.
(b) A happier book.
(c) Kind attention.
(d) A place of honor.

3. What caused the loss of Jimmy Rose's fortune?
(a) Shipwrecks.
(b) The stock market crash.
(c) Duplicitous dealings.
(d) His overly generous dealings.

4. Why does the captain fear to shoot Steelkilt for his insubordination?
(a) It would justify Radney's dishonorable actions.
(b) It would be unfair.
(c) It would spark a mutiny.
(d) It would lead to a admiralty investigation.

5. In "The Piazza," how does the narrator's house look to the inhabitants of the mountain cottage?
(a) Like a mansion.
(b) Like a palace.
(c) Like a prison.
(d) Like a happy place.

Short Answer Questions

1. What age is the narrator of Bartleby?

2. What rumor pursues Daniel Orme into his life on shore?

3. What action does Steelkilt determine to take after being locked in the hold?

4. How is the narrator punished for sneaking into the church?

5. What caused the bell-ringing automaton to kill Bannadonna?

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