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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 - 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the narrator describe the men who work the Erie Canal?
(a) They are sneaky and subtle.
(b) They are picturesquely wicked.
(c) They are mild and calm.
(d) They are strong and virtuous.

2. Of what does the onstage action in the London theater remind the narrator?
(a) The theater at home on Broadway.
(b) The church service he had watched from the bell tower.
(c) The curmudgeonly landlady at his boarding house.
(d) His own childhood.

3. How does Bartleby respond to the other employees?
(a) He emulates them.
(b) He thanks them.
(c) He resents them.
(d) He ignores them.

4. How does the narrator of "The Two Temples" attend the meeting at the church?
(a) He bribes the man who guards the door.
(b) He sneaks into the foyer.
(c) He disguises himself as the bell ringer.
(d) He hides in the bell tower.

5. What do the maids work to produce?
(a) Fabric.
(b) Toothpicks.
(c) Paper.
(d) Machinery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do both the captain and Steelkilt go after they separate?

2. What famous person expressed a good opinion of the narrator of Bartleby?

3. What is the first thing Bartleby says he would prefer not to do?

4. How much does the uncle in "The Happy Failure" think his invention is worth?

5. To what sight in the city does Melville compare the islands of the Encantadas?

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