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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 8 - 11.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Steelkilt threaten to do if he is flogged by the captain?
(a) Murder the captain.
(b) Seek an unnamed revenge.
(c) Jump overboard.
(d) Tell the admiralty board of review.

2. Why does the lightning rod salesman claim that his rods are superior?
(a) They're made of copper.
(b) They're made of steel.
(c) They're made of iron.
(d) They're made of magnesium.

3. What do Steelkilt's three remaining conspirators decide to do to save themselves?
(a) Bind Steelkilt and give him to the captain.
(b) Kill Steelkilt.
(c) Sneak back to their posts.
(d) Support Steelkilt's mutiny.

4. What is the narrator's condition when he goes to the theater in London?
(a) He is bored and overfed.
(b) He is well-fed and relaxed.
(c) He is comfortable and among friends.
(d) He is broke and alone.

5. What is Poor Man's Pudding?
(a) Water, salt, and flour.
(b) Flour, sugar, cinnamon, and milk.
(c) Rice, milk, and salt.
(d) Milk, eggs, and sugar.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't the narrator dismiss Bartleby for insubordination?

2. What does the narrator in "The Fiddler" aspire to become?

3. What god does the narrator in "The Lightning Rod Man" think the salesman resembles?

4. Why is it hard to see the mill when coming upon it?

5. How does the narrator of "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo?" treat his creditor after hearing the crow?

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