Objects & Places from Great Short Works of Herman Melville

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Moby Dickappears in The Town-Ho's Story

This is the name given to a malevolent sea creature.

The Noble Cock Beneventanoappears in Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

This creature makes everyone around him happy.

The Encantadasappears in The Encantadas

This place is barren and full of unusual life forms.

The Bell Towerappears in The Bell-Tower

This giant public structure is the centerpiece of a tragedy.

The Piazzaappears in The Piazza

From this place, a distant home seems magically, deceptively beautiful.

The Apple-Tree Tableappears in The Apple-Tree Table

Beetles inhabit this object, frightening a family with their sounds.

The Big Chimneyappears in I and my Chimney

This object becomes the centerpiece of a family dispute.

Daniel Orme's Tattooappears in Daniel Orme

This object disfigures the man who wears it, and this object is disfigured by him.

Rights of Manappears in Billy Budd

This name of an object symbolizes what a character in the story...

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