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Billy Budd, the Movie

Attempts have been made to tell the story of Billy Budd on film. Watch one of the movies and compare it to the story you read.

Moby Dick in Art

How does the white whale of Melville's imagination compare with what biologists and oceanographers have taught us about the nature of whales? Draw Moby Dick with the character that Melville gives him, not that of scientific evidence. Then make another drawing of a sperm whale that is scientifically correct.

Stereotyping Chart

Make a chart that illustrates Melville's stereotypical grouping of one of the following: working women, Lakemen, Canallers, wives, 'Gees, Spaniards, Africans, Knights Templar, etc. Show the characteristics he believed each group to possess.

Captain Vere, the Interview

Imagine that Captain Vere is brought before a maritime review board to account for allowing the death of a seaman of diminished capacity, Billy Budd. With...

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