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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mary Anne believe is Ben's motivation for the invitation?

2. What does Sister Loretta say a human body is?

3. What does Ben think of Sammy's plan to blackmail Junior Palmer?

4. What is the Bohemian Mountain Approach?

5. Who is Junior Palmer's cousin?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Mess Night? What does it mean for the Meecham family?

2. Why does Bull restrict what Ben can eat on game day?

3. Sammy's date is brutally raped after he is forced out of his car. What impact will this episode have on Sammy and the people of Ravenel?

4. Why does Mr. Loring tease Ben in his English class? How does Ben feel about this attention?

5. Who is Junior Palmer?

6. Whom does Ben recall during try outs? What impact did this man have on Ben's life? What was Bull's role in this relationship?

7. How is Bull's behavior on Christmas morning in contrast with the story Mary Anne tells on Christmas Eve?

8. Why does Bull criticize Ben's play during his first basketball game? How does Ben feel about this?

9. Who instructs the male students on sex during catechism? Why?

10. What is significant about the sexual discussions in the locker room?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Bull's plane go down? Why does Bull not bail out? What does this decision say about Bull's personality? Does this decision change the reader's opinion of Bull or does it confirm what the reader has already known about Bull? Does this action change how Bull's family feels about him? How does the public react to Bull's actions? How does this heroic act make Bull's family feel about him? Can the family reconcile this man with the man they knew?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Lillian never leave Bull? Does Lillian love Bull? Does Lillian condone Bull's behavior toward her and the children? Is Lillian an abused wife? List some examples of this abuse. Is Bull abusive toward the children? Why does Lillian not do more to protect her children? What does this say about Lillian's personality?

Essay Topic 3

What is Ben's relationship with Bull like? What does Bull's behavior on Ben's birthday say about their relationship? What is Ben's role in the family? How is this role illustrated throughout the novel? What does this family dynamic say about the entire Meecham family?

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