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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Junior Palmer's cousin?

2. Who is Ben's chief rival on and off the court?

3. What does Sister Loretta say is a form of self abuse and therefore a sin?

4. Who bails Ben out of jail?

5. Why does Bull send Ben to his room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is significant about the sexual discussions in the locker room?

2. Sammy's date is brutally raped after he is forced out of his car. What impact will this episode have on Sammy and the people of Ravenel?

3. Why does Ben want to avoid the local hang-out after being thrown off the basketball team/.

4. What does Ben say to his father while taking him home after a night of drinking and fighting?

5. Ben teases Mary Anne about how much he will miss her when he goes to college. What does this say about their relationship?

6. What is the significance of the story Mary Anne tells on Christmas Eve as the family waits for Bull to get ready for church?

7. Who is Junior Palmer?

8. What does Sammy see at lover's point? What does he hope to do with the information?

9. How does being Jewish affect Sammy?

10. How is Mr. Loring different from the teachers Ben is used to? How does Ben feel about Mr. Loring?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ben is man of the family in his father's absence. How is the family different with Ben in charge? How is the family the same? How is Ben like Bull? How is Ben different? Will Ben grow up to be his own man, or will he follow in his father's footsteps? How has Bull's early death affected the course of Ben's life? How might Ben's life been different had Bull not died the way he did?

Essay Topic 2

Why does Lillian never leave Bull? Does Lillian love Bull? Does Lillian condone Bull's behavior toward her and the children? Is Lillian an abused wife? List some examples of this abuse. Is Bull abusive toward the children? Why does Lillian not do more to protect her children? What does this say about Lillian's personality?

Essay Topic 3

Who is Red Pettus? Why is Red cruel to others? Who does Red chose to pick on? Why? Does Red pick on Ben? Why or why not?

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