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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Causey want Bull to have done to a black ace in his squad?

2. How do they defend Ben?

3. What does Ben say to Bull when he goes to bring him home?

4. Who plans on teaching her students about sex?

5. Why do Ben and Sammy spend Saturday night at lover's lane rather than the local hang out?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is significant about the sexual discussions in the locker room?

2. Is there a difference between loving Bull and accepting his cruel behavior?

3. How is Mr. Loring different from the teachers Ben is used to? How does Ben feel about Mr. Loring?

4. Sammy arranges a date with a college girl by using a fake name. What does this say about Sammy's attitude toward women?

5. Why does Mr. Loring tease Ben in his English class? How does Ben feel about this attention?

6. Why does Bull restrict what Ben can eat on game day?

7. Why does Ben go to Toomer's even after Bull refuses to allow him to go?

8. Sammy's date is brutally raped after he is forced out of his car. What impact will this episode have on Sammy and the people of Ravenel?

9. What is Mess Night? What does it mean for the Meecham family?

10. Why does Ben want to avoid the local hang-out after being thrown off the basketball team/.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why does Ben take Mary Anne to the prom? Why does Mary Anne object at first? What does this night say about Ben and Mary Anne's relationship? How does this night change the nature of their relationship? What does Mary Anne confess to Ben this night? How does her confession affect Ben? What does this night say about the way Mary Anne feels about her father? Her mother?

Essay Topic 2

Why is Toomer frightened after the rape of Sammy's girl? Why does Red Pettus and his brother use the rape as an excuse to go after Toomer? How does Toomer protect himself? Why does Red shoot Toomer? How does Red die? Why does Bull refuse to allow Ben to go to Toomer's aid? Why does Ben defy his father? What does Ben find when he arrives at Toomer's? How does this change Bull and Ben's relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Sammy's date is raped while they are on a date. Why does Sammy leave the girl to be raped? How could Sammy have helped the girl? Who rapes the girl? How does word of this rape cause trouble in Ravenel? Who do the locals blame for the rape? Is Sammy blamed? What happens to Sammy? How does this episode effect Ben?

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