The Great Santini Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does a Naval officer threaten to file a conduct report against Bull?

Bull and his friends were loud and unruly during their farewell party. Bull then pulled a practical joke in front of many Naval officers and their wives that did not amuse many of the witnesses.

2. Why are the Meecham children less than enthusiastic about their father's return after a year's deployment?

The Meecham children are not excited to have their father back because he is a violent, cruel man. Life has been much better without Bull around and the kids are reluctant to give up that peace.

3. Why do both the Meecham children's mother and grandmother plead with the children to behave on the road trip to South Carolina?

The women ask the children to behave because they know that Bull can become violent when he is irritated. A road trip with four children is a situation that can easily cause a man to become irritated, therefore the women want the children to be especially good to keep this dangerous situation from becoming volatile.

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