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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 33.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where has Bull been for the past year?
(a) Deployed on an Army base in Germany.
(b) Deployed on a carrier in the Mediterranean.
(c) Sick in the hospital.
(d) Visiting relatives.

2. What animal do Ben and Toomer see laying eggs?
(a) A turtle.
(b) A chicken.
(c) A seagull.
(d) A salmon.

3. What is the Bohemian Mountain Approach?
(a) A movie Sammy and Ben plan to see.
(b) A basketball strategy.
(c) Sammy's plan to seduce a girl.
(d) A military strategy.

4. How does Ben feel about Mr. Loring's teasing?
(a) Ben enjoys the attention.
(b) Ben is hurt and no longer likes Mr. Loring.
(c) Ben is embarrassed, but likes the attention.
(d) Ben is embarrassed and plans to go to the principal.

5. Where does Ben take Ansley?
(a) To Hobie's Grill.
(b) To lookout point.
(c) To the local hangout, the Shack.
(d) To the movies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a black ace?

2. Why does Bull go to speak to the local Catholic priest?

3. With whom has Sammy arranged dates for himself and Ben the day after Christmas?

4. Where does Bull have breakfast every morning?

5. When does Lillian say she will leave Bull?

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