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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1 | Chapter 2)


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2

These chapters introduce the primary characters of the book. Character is an important aspect to any novel, but especially a novel whose plot is character driven. Discuss the characters of this novel and their important roles in the development of the novel.


1) Discuss character with the class. Have students come up with character sketches that list the motivations and attributes of each character within the novel. Students should discuss how each of these motivations or attributes affect the overall plot development.

2) Have students discuss character motivations. Have students discuss how each main character of this novel would react differently to conflict if they had the motivations of another character or motivations different from the one's they possess in the novel.


1) Students should write a list featuring all the attributes of each character. Students should then discuss in a short essay the importance...

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