The Great Santini Character Descriptions

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Colonel Bull Meecham

This character drives the events of the story. As an "old school Marine," this character is a powerful, charismatic maverick who insists on running the family the same way the character runs his squadron, with complete authority. Throughout the novel, this character makes no attempt to grow as a human being. This character purposely limits experiences to people and surroundings that reinforce his base prejudices.

Lillian Meecham

This character is an abuse victim who often reveals anger at the situation by making frequent carping and catty comments about the abuser. This character has developed a dependence on the abuser. This character often talks of leaving the abuser, but is unable to make the break. This character denies the severity of the abuse and is careful to always behave with decorum.

Ben Meecham

This character is the product of a tough, abusive father and an equally...

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