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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 4, which book does Gilly read to Mr. Randolph after dinner?

2. What does William Ernest say when he lets go of the plane so it could fly?

3. Where does Gilly place her bubble gum when asked to remove it from her mouth?

4. What does Gilly find when she pulls an encyclopedia from Mr. Randolph's bookshelf?

5. Why does Gilly refuse an after school snack when Mrs. Trotter offer her one?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Gilly's social worker, Miss Ellis, try to explain to Gilly before they arrive at her new foster home?

2. Why does Gilly slam the book shut after she begins reading poetry to Mr. Randolph?

3. Why has Gilly decided to pay attention in Miss Harris's class?

4. What does Gilly feel about the books she finds on Mr. Randolph's bookshelf?

5. What is so special to Gilly about the photo she carries with her from foster home to foster home?

6. What does Miss Harris tell Gilly about her given name, Galadriel, and how does Gilly respond when her new teacher asks to call her by that name?

7. What makes Gilly change her mind and comb her hair for her first day of school?

8. How does Mr. Randolph explain the word "mean" to Gilly when she asks how a flower can be mean?

9. What is Gilly's reply when Mrs. Trotter empathizes with the difficulty Gilly must have had by being moved around so often?

10. What do Gilly and Agnes have in common?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In an essay explain the effect leaving has on Gilly. What happens when she has a nightmare the night before she is to leave? What does Mrs. Trotter do and say to help her with the adjustment of moving? What does this tell readers about Mrs. Trotter and Gilly's relationship dynamics?

Essay Topic 2

Explain what happens when Gilly finally meets her mother. What surprises her about her mother? What does her mother say or do that upsets her? Why does she want to leave? What does Mrs. Trotter tell her that makes her decide to stay with her grandmother?

Essay Topic 3

Imagine Gilly's desperate need to live with her mother. Write an essay about her desperation and explain why it was so important to her. Is it normal after eight years, when she doesn't even remember her mother, to feel that way? What makes it worse for her?

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