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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Gilly's last foster mother?

2. What does Gilly make for William Ernest?

3. What does Miss Harris do at 3 o'clock when class was over?

4. What does Gilly want to see Miss Harris do before she leaves Mrs. Trotter's home?

5. What is Gilly's next idea to get more money?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why has Gilly decided to pay attention in Miss Harris's class?

2. How different is Gilly's new home from Mrs. Trotter's?

3. What is Gilly's reply when Mrs. Trotter empathizes with the difficulty Gilly must have had by being moved around so often?

4. What is Gilly thinking about her reputation as a foster child as she and Miss Ellis drive to Gilly's new foster home?

5. What is so special to Gilly about the photo she carries with her from foster home to foster home?

6. What is Gilly thinking after meeting her new foster mother, Mrs. Trotter?

7. How quickly is the move from Mrs. Trotter's to her grandmother's going to take?

8. What is Gilly trying to teach William Ernest and why?

9. What happens to Gilly when she is cleaning shelves for Mr. Randolph while he is in the room?

10. Who is the strange visitor while everyone is sick and why does she tell Gilly she is there?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Have the students write an essay about Gilly's tendency to believe she is better than anyone else. Does it go beyond high self-esteem to the point of conceit? What drives her to be better, smarter, stronger, etc.? Is there anything wrong with feeling that way? If so, what?

Essay Topic 2

Write an essay about the time Gilly spends caring for Mr. Randolph, Mrs. Trotter, and William Ernest while they were ill. Why does she stay home from school to care for them? Does she just want to skip school or does she genuinely care about them? What changes are seen in Gilly as she cares for the three people?

Essay Topic 3

Have the students write an essay about what it was like for Gilly being a foster child. What does it mean to be a foster child? Is there a stigma being a foster child? How many foster homes had Gilly been in before Mrs. Trotter's? Why? Was it any fault of her own? How did this affect her attitude?

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