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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Gilly's last foster mother?
(a) Mrs. Richmond.
(b) Mrs. Newman.
(c) Maime Trotter.
(d) Mrs. Nevins.

2. What does Gilly do when Agnes begins to gossip about the other students?
(a) Gilly writes everything down to keep in case she can later use the information to hold over someone.
(b) Gilly laughs and tells her they should get some good gossip on more students.
(c) Gilly warns Agnes to never talk about her that way.
(d) Gilly reminds Agnes she (Gilly) has been abandoned by her parents when they left her with her grandmother.

3. How much total money did Gilly get ?
(a) Thirty-four dollars.
(b) Sixty-four dollars.
(c) Forty-four dollars.
(d) Twenty-four dollars.

4. What is Gilly's prank?
(a) She puts flowers on Miss Harris's desk with a note, "Love, Your Secret Admirer."
(b) She slips a pretend doctor's note saying that Miss Harris into the teacher's lounge.
(c) She couldn't find a dead rat, so she put a dead frog in Miss Harris's desk.
(d) She sends a racist greeting card for Miss Harris.

5. What does Miss Harris admit after class?
(a) She tells the principal she isn't pregnant.
(b) She doesn't say anything. She just sits sniffing her flowers, wearing her funny smile.
(c) She phones for an exterminator during lunch.
(d) She tells Gilly that they have a lot in common.

Short Answer Questions

1. What gives Gilly an idea for a prank to play on Miss Harris?

2. What does Miss Harris admit doing in the teacher's room at noon?

3. At the close of Chapter 3, what is Gilly's plan at the close?

4. In Chapter 7, what is Gilly's last desperate gesture?

5. What kind of class does Gilly's new principal say she should be in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Gilly thinking after meeting her new foster mother, Mrs. Trotter?

2. What is Gilly's reply when Mrs. Trotter empathizes with the difficulty Gilly must have had by being moved around so often?

3. What do Gilly and Agnes have in common?

4. What does Gilly feel about the books she finds on Mr. Randolph's bookshelf?

5. What is Gilly's usual trick to get her teachers upset about her abilities?

6. What analogy does Gilly use to describe Miss Harris's seeming lack of emotions?

7. What makes Gilly change her mind and comb her hair for her first day of school?

8. What does Mr. Evans, Gilly's new principal, explain about the class he is putting Gilly into?

9. What does Gilly do at recess on the playground?

10. Why does Gilly become so upset when she learns about Mrs. Trotter's regular dinner guest, Mr. Randolph?

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